Retrieve the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn.

“Retrieve the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe” is the Misc quest in Skyrim - Dragonborn




The Blacksmith of Raven Rock, Glover Mallory, wants you to help him with one of his many problems. Crescius Caerellius borrowed Mallory's Ancient Nordic Pickaxe and has yet to return it. Mallory wants you to find Caerellius and get the pickaxe back.

Acquire Ancient Nordic Pickaxe

Now you need to find Crescius Caerellius. Where he is will depend on what you have done to help Caerellius. He can either be found in Raven Rock Mine or in his house. You will have a few options talking with him about the pickaxe. First, you can opt to take it back with It doesn't belong to you. He will groan about it but he will give you the Pickaxe. The second option is Fine, you keep it. This will have him thank you and tell you to lie to Glover Mallory about what happened to the pickaxe. The third option of Let me think about this. just lets you restart the conversation.

Acquire Ancient Nordic Pickaxe

With or without the pickaxe, you can bring it back to Glover Mallory. He will thank you and give you the pickaxe if you got it back. If you did not and lie to him about it, he will give you as leveled amount of gold for your efforts.

Acquire Ancient Nordic Pickaxe


Getting the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe back from Crescius Caerellius will have Glover Mallory give it to you.

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1-9 250
10-19 400
20-29 500
30-39 600
40+ 750