A Stalhrim Deposit in the Skyrim Dragonborn DLC
The mined Stalhrim Ore

Stalhrim is a crafting material in Skyrim: Dragonborn

Get Stalhrim by mining Stalhrim deposits.

How to forge with Stalhrim[edit]

Find NPC in Skaal Village that sends you on a quest to save the Blacksmith. Do this quest and you will be able to forge with Stalhrim

For more specific guide on how to craft an item with Stahlrim, see:

Skyrim Dragonborn: Stalhrim Crafting

How to mine Stalhrim[edit]

You need a Nordic Pickaxe to extract Stalhrim

Where to obtain Nordic Pickaxe[edit]

Speak to Blacksmith in Raven Rock and he will send you on a quest to retrieve it

Where to find Stalhrim[edit]

Stalhrim can be mined from Stalhrim Veins

See here for locations of Stalhrim deposits:

Stalhrim Vein Locations

What is Stalhrim from Dragonborn for?[edit]

Stalhrim is used for crafting

Related Achievements[edit]

Stalhrim Crafter Achievement

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