A Type B-130 Truck in front of a garage in Spintires

The Garage is a location in Spintires.


The garage is a place where you can install add-ons, trailers and change Truck Wheels.

Trucks get automatically refueled and repaired in the garage. Garages will only refuel up to 200L. If you need more than that you must go to a Fuel Station or a truck with a fuel addon (cistern, fuel trailer).

Any add-ons with repair capacity are automatically refilled in the garage. Fuel addons and trailers, however, require you to fill them up at a fuel station.

If the garage is locked, it is unavailable – you need to deliver 4 garage points to unlock it. Specific add-ons and trailers contain garage points – see descriptions when installing them in the garage.

If garage is unlocked, you can rescue your truck to it at any time unless you are playing in Hardcore mode. At the start of the game, one of the garages is always unlocked.

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