The lumber yard is where you obtain the logs to deliver to the Objective (sawmill). There are two types of lumber yards, automatic loading and manual loading.

Automatic Loading Yard[edit]

The automatic loading yards are marked on the game map. You drive your truck into the marked rectangle and a popup menu asks you to select your load size, position your truck. Click on Load and a load of logs is then automatically dropped onto your truck.

  • Short logs count as 2 loads
  • Medium logs count as 4 loads
  • Long logs count as 6 loads

The Objective usually requires 8 loads to complete.

Automatic loading yard.

Manual Loading Yard[edit]

The manual loading yards require the use of the Cart With Crane to load logs onto a truck. They are recognized by two large stacks of lumber (like those at automatic loading yards) and various loose logs in four small stacks on the ground. One stack of short logs (6), two stacks of medium logs (3+4) and one stack of long logs (3). The large stacks are not loadable, but the loose logs on the ground are loadable.

Manual loading Lumber Yards are not labeled on the mini-map and therefore are sometimes referred to as "secret lumber camps". They can be found on the Coast (2), River (Beta) and Hill maps.

Note that there are many branches and tree tops laying around the game. These can be picked up with the crane, but can not be packed into a deliverable load. These tree tops usually have branches and leaves on them. The loadable logs are cylindrical, have a clean cut on both ends and have no branches.

Manual loading yard. Unloadable stacks seen on both the edges of the picture. Loadable singles are seem between.


Use the Cart With Crane to load logs onto a truck. When in Advanced view, there should be two dots on each loadable log. These will be green when the log is properly positioned in the truck, and red when not loaded or not loaded properly. After you have loaded the requisite number of logs, mouse over a log dot and a pop-up will allow you to pack the logs into a full load. With medium and long logs the truck will have to be placed in a straight and level position, as with automatic loading yards.

  • A short load is made up of 6 short logs
  • A medium load is made up of 3 medium logs
  • A long load is made up of 2 long logs

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