The Type E7310 Truck (MAZ-7310) in Spintires

The Type E-7310 Truck is a truck in Spintires


This heavy 8x8 truck can traverse just about any terrain. The low cabin can lead to more damage from reckless driving. The truck's Tractor comes with 200 repair points, which is nice. The truck can transport medium logs only though, due to the fact that it only has the Log Cart available. The truck also has a nice Utility Attachment, which adds a crane to the back of the truck (NOTE: the Utility Attachment on this truck only gets 400 repair points).

The original was used by the Russian military to mobilize ballistic missiles during the Cold War. It was primarily used to transport the R11, R17 and R3000 "Scud" missiles.

The Crane on the Utility Attachment can be operated in the advanced mode, though it only moves up and down. The park brake key is used for up and the transmission key for down (Default: space/T and R).

MAZ-7310 ___


Fuel capacity 800 Litres
Damage capacity 1000 points
Mass 26T
Game Balance Cost 5


  • Can be used to tow other trucks
  • Can be used to refuel other trucks
  • Can be used to transport Medium Logs

Addons and trailers (NOTE: This section is not complete)[edit]

Tractor Addon
Tractor Addon
Utility Attachment
Utility Attachment


E-7310 Truck Default Wheels
Default Wheels