These are the default bindings for the Xbox Controller in the video game Spintires.

Command Control
Accelerate Right Trigger (RT)
Brake Left Trigger (LT)
Turn left Left Stick left (LS left)
Turn right Left Stick right (LS right)
Zoom in Left Stick up (LS up)
Zoom out Left Stick down (LS down)
Change gear Click Right Stick (RS3/R3)
Hold revs LS3/L3 after RS3/R3
All Wheel Drive A
Hand Brake B
Lock Differential X
Headlights Y
Front/Rear Camera D-pad left
Trailer Camera D-pad right
Advanced mode Left Bumper (LB)
Navigation mode Right Bumper (RB)
Move map Right Stick (RS)
Turn map Left Stick left/right (LS left/right)
Zoom map Left Stick up/down (LS up/down)
Menu Back
Start engine Start, while in advanced mode (Start after LB)

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