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Coordinates to points of interest in Starbound

Please share any new ones you discover by adding it to the table below. Also make sure to bookmark this page and check back for new coordinates added by the community!! No cursing or other instigations.

NOTE: The first table has coordinates confirmed from the latest version of the game (Enraged Koala). Below that are tables of previous versions that should still work since there was no world wipe between these versions. To see coordinates from previous versions that have been wiped see Starbound: Old Coordinates.




[edit] Latest Patch: Enraged Koala - WINDOWS

Sector X Y Biome Threat Name Notes
Alpha -94497765 7043395 Snow 1 Alpha HR 1107 CEP 29 III Matter Laboratory to the Left. Found by Nuresame. II c to the left had a Prison (beware of sand storms).
Alpha 43409160 55479452 Desert 1 Alpha Kaus Borealis 3524 II Glitch Castle along with a rainbow biome (Rainbow NPCs can be found in it). Contents: 2 full-size Glitch castles, 3 'destroyer droid'/'death star hologram' labs, a Grounded Avian house, and 2 cultist camps. There are several rainbow chests present, two of which contained blueprints (Door and Chest), and a regular chest shortly after the 2nd Glitch castle contained Pixel Hero Cape.
Alpha 89551442 -21296105 Forest 1 Alpha Lambda Ari 0484 IV Legendary Bonehammer (14 damage), then shoots out 5x bones for 14 damage each. It is located towards the right in a surface "Old Chest" and very easy to miss, (I noticed it third run by). Best starting weapon you can get. Also 3 mini bosses!! Found by LiquidBHK NOTE: On my version it's Alpha Lambda Aur 0484 IV
Alpha 19911028 -22749447 Forest 1 Alpha Nu Oph 471 III Tech chest containing Energy Dash blueprint on the surface a few seconds walk to the left of spawn. Just beyond there is an Avian tomb.
Alpha 23510306 47532969 Forest 1 Alpha T Cen 81 I Walking left from spawn you'll eventually hit a crystal laboratory with a matter spawner, about a day's walk and at the far edge of the second tentacle biome you'll come across.
Alpha 37278972 96412394 Forest 1 Alpha Orionis 901 III b Several Surface Chests, Surface Ore, 2 or 3 "Tech" chests, 2 Mini Bosses, (1 Air 2 Ground) an Avian village, surface lava, and an Ash/Lava area with Bandits for your slaying pleasure. GREAT starter area.
Alpha 67288693 309576 Arid 1 Alpha Cygnus X-1 Majoris V b Lots of unattended Apex buildings, one taken over by Agarans. Glitch village. Tech chests. Found by Archangel Lionheart (Both snow planets in system have odd behavior of being warmer at night than during the day. Also on Majoris V there is an Avian Gunship)
Alpha 88208457 77788018 Arid 1 Alpha Arrakis majoris VIII b This planet is very interesting, it contains an avian village directly to the left of spawn, and near the end, there is a giant pit i have named "Satan's Pit". NOTE: Satan's Pit occupies (almost) HALF of the planet, and it is a relatively small planet.
Beta -379240 -19650983 Arid 2 Beta HR 306 Cep 1553 I Pirate Ship with tech chest containing pulse jump right by the anchor, Watch out for surprise Meteor Showers! Two tech chests to the right of spawn in a small tunnel containing Energy Dash and Pulse Jump.
Beta -94497764 7043394 Desert 2 Beta Mekbuda Minoris II 2 Matter Generators, among mushroom guys and quite a few chests Found by Archangel Lionheart
Beta 43409156 55479455 Forest 2 Beta Wonton 110 II Tech lab with 2 chests. Some cultists with caged mutated apes on surface and a wizard tower. Found by Archangel Lionheart
Gamma -379245 -19650984 Forest 3 Gamma Rijl al Awwa Minoris I something Small planet with a Floran village and a hitech chest with butterfly boost on the surface less than a 2 minutes walk to the right of the Floran village. -Found by Raistlarn
Gamma -89157867 -79061152 desert 3 Gamma Mira 824 I c Legendary Bonehammer (46dps shoots 5x bones for 46 damage). At spawn 3rd ravine(hole) to the right in ground (Visible at surface level, no exploring needed) in OLD CHEST. - Found by LiquidBHK
Gamma 83005247 63787834 Forest 3 Gamma Terminatus Minoris II a All around the planet there are many mini oculemon biomes (there are some eye chests too) with the associated Demon buildings, with some of the mentioned mobs which drop the Terrifying wings. Good luck with the drops! ADDED: There's the Pulse Jump Tech in a chest a little bit underground. It's left to a big cliff inside a small cave. Here are pictures of the location.Edit: Traveling far enough right will bring you to a Large Avian Temple. Mind the guards, though. Not reccomended for those with tier 3 armor.
Gamma 83005247 63787834 Jungle 3 Gamma Terminatus Minoris II 2 Glitch Villages two the left side, a fair distance away with about 5 mins in between both of them. Overall 10 mins to reach the first, 15 for the second.
Gamma 31447514 -68310477 Forest 3 Gamma Artentee 092 III d Head right over the first short hill with a tree, then you'll come to another small hill with lava on the surface. at the bottom of this hill, there will be openings to a cave with some vines hanging down. Directly beneath these vines will be two chests, one of which is a tech chest containing the rocket jump tech. Head left for about 4 minutes, almost at the end of the green dirt you will find a chest in a small cove with the morphball tech in it.
Gamma 58643020 96354804 Snow 3 Gamma Algorab Majoris IV Large planet with strong bandit activity. On the other side of the planet, there's a huge "grounded" avian village, with lots of lore and merchants (and a keytar). Also tree or four minibosses.
Gamma 58643020 96354804 Grassland 3 Gamma Algorab Majoris IV a Small planet, with pools of poison and a matter generator with ruins to go along.
Delta 143 4 Magma 4 Delta Magrathea 5542 I c Magma planet with Crystal Biome covering much of the surface, many crystal trees. Avian Tomb to the left, beyond the tomb is more crystal biome with 2 crystal chests, one contained crystal table recipe. After crystal biome ended found normal chest on surface containing Captian's Cap. Found two crystal plants on surface, one near spawn and one beyond Avian tomb to left of spawn.
Delta 66812972 -89038385 Desert 4 Delta Nu-2 Boo 657 I Floran Prison next to spawn, go to left. Didn't find any loots but guard dropped a sniper rifle. Edit by Morkel3b: Planet renamed Delta Nu Cen 657 I
X 4 103 Volcanic 5 X Gamma Vol Majoris VI a Volcanic with alternating Crystal biome. Couple of crystal plant seeds, 1 crystal chest on surface (but no blueprint). Avian dungeon and wizard tower selling wizard hat further on. -Shimizu
X -67713429 13171715 Grasslands 8 X Apate 84 I a Avian village shortly to the left.
X 78457006 -50278001 Grasslands 6 X Charr 414 II b Contains: 1 Accordeon, 1 Pilot's Backpack, 1 Glitch Castle, 1 Strikeatron 3000 Grenade Launcher. You will spawn right next to the Glitch Castle. You can find the Strikeatron 3000 in a cage to the right of the spawn. The Pilot's Backpack and the Accordeon can be found in a Surface-Chest right next to the cage
X 65752829 -126573 Grasslands 7 X Puxerion Majoris III Large Avian town just a day walk to the left.

Many merchants and some chest - one with legendary weapon (Starstabber for me). Another large Avian town.

X 24006082 -82777921 Forest 5 X Phi Aqr 503 III planet c Large Avian town just to the left. found some current corn, few books on the avian literature. also found dinosaur hat in "high tech building with the scutters and one chest"
X 24006117 -82777877 Savannah 7 X Eta Sco Majoris V a if you go to the left, there is an Apex Lab with an obstacle course leading to a High-tech chest. (I got butterfly boost, but it could be anything)
X 24006117 -82777877 Grasslands 7 X Eta Sco Majoris V c If you go right, not too far is a High-tech chest in plain sight with energy dash inside. If you go left there is an Apex pyramid. (not much inside maybe some weapons and pixels)
X 78457006 -50378001 Forest 7 X charr 414 II Go to the left, theres a big empty apex lab with tesla spikes. After the parkour is a high-tech chest with a gravity bubble blueprint for me.
X 21676194 -13656237 Forest 9 X Eta Lup Majoris IV Go left to find the stuff. Highlights: 5 toxic chests with blueprints, 2 apex labs, 1 florian house, 2 florian merchants, 2 florian primitive chests, 1 dog house with a dog, 1 cave house with lots of dogs and 1 frog merchant, and 2 agaran pod houses. There are also lots of normal chests full of misc. stuff.
X 78457015 -50278001 Savannah 9 X Great Griddle III a Glitch dungeon directly to the left with matter generator and a couple of chests. Further left is a small jungle biome. Past the jungle is an Apex outpost with a chest with a saxophone in it.
X 78457015 -50278001 Snow 9 X Great Griddle V d To the left is an Apex laboratory with one chest.
X -92004344 74756392 Grasslands 9 X Theta Car 709 II e Go right to find a boss, go left to find another one and a bunch of cultists. Also, there's a matter facility later on.
X 92 94 Snow 10 X Alpha Scl 784 I Has chest with Top Hat and Legendary watersword Cthulu Stabber (2276dps but actually higher with the bubbles it launches). Go right from spawn, pass a bandit camp with a tent and chest, past several avian houses, chest with Top Hat is a bit before the chest with the sword. Sword chest has a Snowman just before it and is on surface on open snow. If you missed the chest with Top Hat, from the chest with sword backtrack to the left to first avian house, Top Hat chest should be just after it, is in area with background (dirt if I remember correctly) on the slope of a hill. Planet also has two sewer dungeons and several other surface chests. // Edited by another guy. Horse Head mask: 10 minutes on the right after an old chest with watersword, inside chest beside ice yurta
X -58043646 5064590 Snow 10 X q-1 Eri 6745 III - If you go left around the entire planet you will find in order: Dungeon 2xTech Weapon's & Matter Block Spawner, continue left you will find 1xh dagger(1622dps), then Butterfly Boost Blueprint(just below ground which you can easily see bubble boosting) 2H Fire-Spear(2426dps), 1H Pistol (1619dps), 2h energy shotgun (1535dps), pet dogs, frog merchant Found by LiquidBHK EDIT: planet not found

Edit by sb else: Planet changed Name, it is "X R CrB 6745 III" now

X -58043646 5064590 Tundra 10 X q-1 Eri 6745 I Legendary Weapon "Nova Cleaver" aka Starcleaversword. DPS 2807 with the magic effect it can hit x2(5614 damage). "Star Cleaver is a fairly amazing 2h sword that will shoot a projectile after its swing , the projectile will do massive damage and also knock the enemy back if it survives. This makes it a very handy sword for dealing with mobs you don't want to get near." It is found in the middle of a giant UCSM Military Base before 2nd or 3rd building entrance. Btw the USCM Base is huge and ideal for farming. - Found by LiquidBHK EDIT: planet not found

Edit by sb else: Planet changed Name, it is "X R CrB 6745 I b" now, you will find the USCM base like 1-2 mins walking right

X -48834036 72369496 Tundra 10 X VV Cep 78 IV Biggest Avian Village on this list. Couple of minutes to the left(I used Bubble) Worth it though. Full Phoenix Armor(except Head I believe), Full Raven Armor, Extremely High dps Weapons when I visited (3.5k dps 2H damage 3842!!) 5-6 Weapon vendors. Lots of food vendors (5-6) & food plans. I found Guitar in a treasure chest. And then a saxaphone in the village chest towards the end. (I haven't explored the entire world yet either). Found by LiquidBHK
X -48834036 72369500 Volcanic 10 X Tau 348 I Great place to get 6x uncommon weapons on level 10 planet (1 of which does 3732 fire damage! 2h axe). There is 2x Dungeons on this map (Crystal Laboratory's) I wasn't going to link it but then I think it's a good place for "X Starters" to get easy weapons. I also found 2x Old Chests on the world containing weapons. Found by LiquidBHK
X 63324043 -28509981 Grasslands 10 X Oaetem 44 III b Short walk to the left you'll reach the USCM underground bunker. Killing guards I earned INSANELY FAST Pulse Rifle and Nightstick. Haven't explored further... But maybe you'll find something interesting! //Addendum by some guy: Found one tech chest on the surface left of USCM, and another tech chest in Apex building right of the spawn.//some guy again: That was rude. Couldn't you find them or what? I'm sorry I don't remember it clearly, but it was either Morphball or Gravity Bubble Or Human Mech in the surface chest. //some completely different guy: I was able to find the surface chest left of the USCM base; easy to miss at night. Confirmed that it contained Human Mech. //Yet another completely different guy: To the right, go until you find the apex building, then go some more until you find a small puddle of water, in the water there's a chest with a Legendary BoneHammer.
X -68739387 -95674595 Desert 10 X Copernicus 808 I b At least 1 rainbow biome (haven't explored all that much yet) and an avian temple to the left (couple minutes of walking/bubble boosting)
X 8063812 -90688120 Desert 10 X Sigma Cyg 37 V a There are 2 Rainbow chests on the planet. With a rainbow hood and a Bubblegun(no dmg) in it. The first is on the left after the first houses but before the Avian temple, the 2. is a little walk behind the temple, along the left side. The rest of the planet is populated by Avians and wizard Bunnys with Hoodys ;) Added: I found a third rainbow chest with the rainbow table blueprint.
X 8063812 -90688120 Desert 10 X Sigma Cyg 37 V b 2 small Apex Labs, a Glitch city and an Bone-Biome
X 63324051 -28509987 Grasslands 10 X Castor 7962 V a Large Avian town to the left with lots of shops.
X 99613735 90119159 Arid 10 X Pi PsA Majoris I b USCM base (on the left) and some apex labs.
X -12066389 4507889 Arid 10 X Tau-5 Eri 309 VI a Go left; market with multiple weapon shops which has extremly high DMG stuff. // ADDED: Searching the chests within the village revealed an Eyeball Horror in one of them. It was in a large chest resting near the left side of the village.
X -12066389 4507889 Savannah 10 X Tau-5 Eri 309 VI b Avian Airship.
X -12066389 4507889 Savannah 10 X Tau-5 Eri 309 VI (Main planet) Avian Airship to the left fairly close to spawn.
X 46704845 29738078 Snow 10 X Chi Car 07 I a Apex test chamber to the left. Targeted Blink Tech at the end. // ADDED: There are two small labs to the right, I found Nylon Guitar in one of these.
X -5 4 Forest 10 X Lithus 1520 II e On this planet are the demons who drop the Terrifying wings. Go left, you'll find 1 demon and an eye chest. Further left you will find another demon, an USCM and then in a cave a high tech chest (butterfly boost for me). More demons to the left. I found 8 demons in total. (a lengendary bonehammer is found in a old chest EDIT: On the surface, a bit after the 2nd or 3rd demon to the left, it's a vary good one) (3 eye chests total, with bed, chair and... forgot the other one, the whole surface of the planet is eye forest biome).
X 8519016 -66235095 DESERT 10 X Veragon 630 I a To the left you will find a city with armors shops, you can buy the entry Raven's Tier 10 armor Blue prints. (DOESNT WORK. PLANET NOT FOUND)
X -46502381 -31303629 MOON 10 X Glynaith 89 I b To the left after a mountain, you can find an Avian town and one of cloth vendor sells Raven's chest and pants(blueprints.) Beware, it's on moon surface: don't forget to bring survivalist kit.
X -46502462 -31303662 GRASSLANDS 10 X Dabih 08 I b Go left to find an Apex secret research facility with a lot of hostile NPCs. Personal stim ventor spawner was dropped for me. Also the planet has a lot of boxes on the surface so roll for jackpot?
X 63324051 -28509987 JUNGLE 10 X Castor 7962 III a Flower paradise, flower chest on spawn, 1 immediate left, 2 immediate right, 2 far left, merchant with lots of dogs opposing side of planet, lots of low drop chests
X -95980428 97615115 Grasslands 10 X Thanatos 878 IVa Proceed to right about a minute (you will pass an Avian cottage) to find a heretic(that violet hooded guys) hideout. Kill the heretic inside and loot Avian chest to grab a legendary 2H sword. Also, head left to find a prison compound.
X 112544624 -78754280 Grasslands 10 X Beta LMi Majoris IV a You will spawn in a magmar biome. Moving right for some time you will find a surface chest containig one ranged pistol and a legendary bonehammer (2300 DPS +Bone explosion).Proceeding right you will find one Cultist home (Cultist=Violet hooded guys). As next there comes an Apex city with a common chest containing one Plasma macine pistol. Short way behind will be an Tech Chest containing "Targeted Blink Tech" (Its very close to Lava be carefull). Over the hill there are 2 chests containing one Fire sniper rifle and one fire pistol. Going ahead you will find a Cultist Cage (these things with mutants in it). Everything after the avian village might be much closer if you walk left from spawn. EDIT: Everything confirmed except for the legendary bonehammer, looked 3 times for it with no success; targeted blink is very good, used a lot until I got a good enough energy regen for the butterfly bubble to be optimal.
X 21064451 85226219 Tundra 10 X AI Niyat Minoris II c Go left from spawn, past a bandit camp and you'll reach a high tech lab with matter blocks. Continue left to find a surface, green high tech chest all by itself containing gravity bubble tech (if you hit the next camp, you've gone too far).
X -104268 -42 Forest 10 X Premium 55 VIII a Lots of shroom houses and shroom furniture blueprints all over this planet. One of the chests has a shroom shield in it.Edit planet not found. Edit from SB else: Planet found!
X 21676194 -13656237 Arid 10 X Eta Lup Majoris IV a Lots of shroom people and acid raid. I found a dog on this planet, directly to your left. [Found by Mrs Griever]
X -79564387 -62540372 Magma 10 X Lambda Ari 5180 III a I found a chef spawner here, in a chest to your right. [Found by Mrs Griever]
X 24006049 -82777940 Savannah 10 X 19 Psc 03 V a Airship on Level 10 threat planet. i went to the left, but not sure if it's quicker to the right.
X 76975136 -8810010 Desert 10 X 10 Dra Majoris IV a Doctor Spawner + 1H Dagger with 1900 DPS (uncommon) -> Go 3 minutes to the right. It is (Old Chest) at the surface right to a cave entrance.
X 1458500 61512802 Asteroid Field 10 X Omega Vir 5114 II b Abandoned USCM bases all over the place. Nearly all of them contain guns. Also, very good source of ore like all other asteroid belts.

[edit] Latest Patch: Enraged Koala - MAC

Sector X Y Biome Threat Name Notes
X 33 10 Tentacles 10 X Psi Ori 335 II There is a legendary slavesword inside a chest in the second glitch village to the left of spawn point. There's also a tech chest near the middle of the planet past the glitch villages, kind-of underground (pan camera down a little while exploring).
X 33 10 Volcanic 10 X Psi Ori 335 IV f To the immediate right of the spawn point is a tech chest. The entire planet is a rust biome, there's a rust door blueprint somewhere in one of the chests.
X 40 13 Desert 10 X Crucis Majoris II As soon as you beam down you will be standing on top of a chest which contains the Legendary Star Cleaver. There is also a TV Helmet in the first robot lab to the right from spawn point.
X 40 13 Snow 10 X Crucis Majoris V Pixel Hero Cape to the left of spawn point in a small chest. Floran village near the center, and an oboe inside a small lab to the right of spawn point. Aurora planet with no meteors.
X 77343804 67974990 Jungle 10 X Alpha Ret Majoris VI A T10 Slave Sword, Pixel Hero Shirt, Floran Village, all one planet. The pixel hero shirt is in an abandoned apex house kinda far to the right in a tech chest. The slave sword is in the Floran village in a chest. There is also a pretty cool uncommon launcher that has 3.5k damage per shot in a surface chest, not sure where. The flesh biomes are all around, I only found two flesh chests though.
X -75586931 95912263 Snow 10 X Vix 990 VIII b Pixel Hero Pants and an apex tech obstacle course. - Keep going right for a while past a small house with the robots in it. It will be in a small surface chest. Keep going right after finding the pants, you will eventually find the Apex course.( Found gravity bubble)
X 70120132 -52343598 Tentacles 10 X Azha 13 II USCM Penal Colony far right. Rum Barrel [back pack] close by, right, in surface chest. Floran Bone Xylophone in surface chest to the right between Rum Barrel and USCM Penal Colony. (Updated 03/21/2014)
X 661 776 Desert 8 X Pi-1 Peg Minoris I f Apex electric course with tech at end. (I found morphball)
X 37401370 24592271 Savannah 10 X Alpha Lac 11 III g

Bomb vendor not far to the right. Underground Floran prison very far to the right. Still haven’t been able to kill all the guards and fully explore the place yet. Watch out for lava pool traps inside.

X 73991984 24609811 Tundra 10 X Pi-5 Ori 53 IV a Avian village (weapon vendors etc) (July 13, 2014)
X 48210693 -52596399 Forest 10 X Kappa UMa 5931 II b Friendly Glitch StimPack vendor (150-250px per pack), not too far to the right. Big Avian temple. Below avian temple is an underground complex with a frog-man bomb vendor. (July 14, 2014)
X 38561514 98310232 Tundra 6 X Carinae Minoris III b Giant Matterblock facility (~1-2 day’s walk to the right, past the Apex shirt vendor) (July 14, 2014)
X 34 2 Volcanic 8 X Theta-2 Tau Majoris I Bubble Boost Tech! In tech chest on the surface (in a ditch) just a minute’s walk to the right. AND! Human Mech Tech, in a tech chest on the left steep side of a mountain, in a nook (just to the right of one of the two pirate ships, or not too far left of spawn). And not one but TWO (2) pirate ships. Unfortunately since this planet rains fire, the 2nd pirate ship was like actively burning down while I was exploring it.
X 33700457 -96555843 Savannah 6? X Ratatoskr 71 II Avian pirate ship
X 33700455 -96555839 Magma 8 X Saiph 5169 II c Another Avian pirate ship.
X 33 10 Magma 10 X Psi-2 Ori 335 VI a Big ass Glitch castle (throne room, gold furniture, the works)
X 33700467 -96555838 Savannah 10 X Sham Majoris II b Targeted blink in tech chest at the entrance to a cave, very far to the right (possibly closer to go to the left?) On a downhill slope if youre walking right, uphill if you’re walking left.
X 33700467 -96555838 Magma 10 X Sham Majoris II a Crystal microbiome! Hella crystal plants/pods if you walk to the right. Also the trees are made of crystals if you chop them down.
X 33700467 -96555838 Savannah 9 X Sham Majoris II d(?) Floran Village with a chest containing a Tool Vendor Spawner
X 23 -33 Volcanic 5 X Hyadum II 72 III c Rust Biome with two rust blueprints in rust chests (both on the surface) - rust door and rust chest blueprints. Also an Apex electrical course with Targeted Blink Tech at the end.
X 26 -33 Magma 9 X Eps Lep 2746 I Chef Spawner in a tech chest in an Argaran prison pod (with a sad little monkey being held in a toxic pool!) The tech chest is in the green pool, so you’ll have to dive in and illuminate it or drain it. There’s another Argaran outpost on the planet too, with a Floran produce vendor held captive.

Butterfly Boost (my personal fave tech) at the end of the giant Apex electrical course.

X 79216421 -53631316 Graslands 6 X Asgardion 90 I to the right there are Agarans, in the poison lake have 2 chest with Orion Slicer

[edit] Previous Patch: Furious Koala

Sector X Y Biome Threat Name Notes
Alpha 80268734 -74957868 Desert 1 Alpha Chi Aql 46 II Rainbow mini-biomes. Rainbow chest with rainbow hood inside, and also a high-tech chest with Energy Dash in one of the rainbow biomes (visible from surface, though just barely. moving view down with ctrl + mouse first might be helpful), and a normal chest with chili seeds. Kiwi grows in desert areas. EDIT: Found both Rainbow Hood and Cape here.
Alpha 15677521 -71272208 Forest 1 Alpha Celestia 3440 I An abandoned mine left of spawn and a small floran merchant camp left of that. Several large Eyeball biomes with a ton of ready to harvest oculemon. The eyeball biomes are also littered with cultists and each separate biome has at least one library tower.
Alpha 80268747 -74957877 Desert 1 Alpha Persian 7576 VIc Several rainbow mini-biomes to the right, second one has rainbow chest just outside a house, with rainbow table blueprint. Further right in desert area visible from surface is a high-tech chest with Pulse Jump blueprint. Further right you'll find an underground trap maze with a blue tech-chest and another Pulse Jump blueprint. Further (closer going left from spawn, now) is another rainbow chest with flares and a small abandoned human ruin. Neonmelon and currentcorn.
Alpha 110 9 Forest 1 Alpha Beid 537 II planet is filled with ruins w/ mobs that can drop the terrifying wings back accessory. all-seeing chest in the eyeball forests. lots of oculemons. (Edit: Toxic Chest on surface [behind some pink grass in an eyeball minizone in my game] with All-Seeing Cape.) (Edit: There was a dungeon. a decent ways left of spawn) Edit: There is a high-tech chest with an Energy Dash in a tiny gap left of a Glitch altar. Underground has a wilderness biome, a slime biome, an ice cave, and a layer of purple obsidian.
Alpha 55690307 27871386 Forest 1 Alpha Telladar 10 I run left and there's a floran prison, then after 3 surface poison pools- tech chest, more left- toxic chests along the way may give blueprints for lamp and toxic chest and toxic flower backpack
Alpha 13049158 35686297 Forest 1 Alpha q-1 Eri 34 II There should be a mini boss around drop area and if you go travel right for 3 days you will found a lab with Tech Chest.
Alpha -88087595 48694410 Arid 1 Alpha Atria 2897 III e To the right of the spawn is a small Apex facility, further right is a small building with a tech chest in it (watch out for poison). To the left a bit (of the spawn) is a USCM bunker. Overall a pretty small planet, but plenty of resources.
Alpha -21004166 -61770177 Forest 1 Alpha Delta-2 Gru 6434 II Poison forest biome. Glitch castle and mushroom village fair distance left. USCM tower on the right
Alpha -52376552 15986387 Forest 1 Alpha Rotanev 872 IIa Small glitch village at spawn to the left. Look for the Doctor Spawner in a chest.
Alpha 51849538 -52758219 Desert 1 Alpha P Cyg 60 II a Small desert planet with alternating snow biomes. Going left, in the edge of the first snow biome you come across will be a small hole in the ground covered by a layer of snow containing a tech chest. Keep going for a wizard house, and a little ways after that is are some branching caves in the ground (desert biome), go a little bit down one of them for another tech chest (Search all of them).
Alpha -79671609 27981961 Desert 1 Alpha Nu Cet 4364 I b Desert & poisonous planetoid. With USCM base, and multiple bandit camps. Find a dash tech in the military base and nice furniture like soda vending machine.
Alpha -52376552 15986387 Desert 1 Alpha Rotanev 872 II Avian tower almost immediately to left. Tar biome immediately to the right with plenty of Boneboo. There are about 50 caves on this planet. Left of that Avian tower is a cave cut off by a 1 block thick wall of sand, immediately above another cave. Cut through it to find a chest containing a Chef Spawner. Bone bed, bone chest, and bone chair are amongst the possible chest contents.
Alpha 66813515 -89038488 Forest 1 Alpha 12 Boo 5541 II On the right you will encounter several mushroom settlements with 7 mushroom chests in the larger homes,after that there will be 2 normal chests near the surface. Further right there are some apex structures with a high tech chest and loads of pixels. To the left you will find some more apex buildings with a high tech chest in one, and a bit further to the left there will be a USCM penal colony with 2 mushroom chests and many, many stim packs :)
Alpha 66813515 -89038488 Forest 1 Alpha 12 Boo 5541 III For those starting out: To the right: Some avian vendors with shirts and food. A few more days right = another avian vendor outpost, basically Identical. To the left: A cultist with a pattern for a special chest (Toxic Chest), Tall trees (really tall, they give plant matter instead of wood), some avian huts with workers, a good amount of chests and finally... AN AIRSHIP, A CHEST WITH AN EPIC WEAPON. It's several days left (this planet is huge...)(Edit 3/22/14. The airship is quite close to the spawn point from the left. Some pixels and stimpacks but no sign of any epic weapons, also picked up a pair of pirate pants.)
Alpha -91366615 99926234 Forest 1 Alpha Lyncis Minoris III b Tech chest just right from spawn (Pulse Jump for me), Apex jumping facility a short walk to the left with another tech chest at the end of it (Energy Dash for me)and another one hidden half way in the complex in a underground dirt clearing .
Alpha -63181151 -58753648 Biome 1 Alpha GG Lup Majoris I c Short run to the left the ground changes to purple, after the dip with the poison water is going to be a tunnel, down a ways into it will be a chest with Energy Dash Tech, a bit further left (very short) is going to be an avian airship. For me it has a slow firing shotgun that does 13 damage at 63 energy cost. Best weapon I have seen for a Alpha Sector gun. Still exploing the world, just started back up again.
Alpha 46090786 93940869 Forest 1 Alpha Alkes 9047 III Found a small building to the right with a Glitch trap door. Under the door was a chest with a Legendary Tesla Rod 2-handed weapon.

Also a green flashlight. Beware of acid rain. Hostile campground to the left. Two mobs. Continue on to the left and find another building with same style trap door. Weak loot. Keep going left and find yet another bandit camp. Killed bandits. Received "bandit's hood" hat and "bandit's hat" hat. Basically I keep finding bandit. There is also a tech chest with a tool merchant spawner.

Alpha -79539392 -45117462 Forest 1 Alpha alidsl 60 IV To the left you can find a Toxic chest, which gave me a toxic broadsword with lightning. Further out to the left I also found a regular chest with a banjo and 5 gold bars. (Edit by steam user katanas :continue to the left and you'll find an acoustic guitar and a glitch temple.)
Alpha 30991558 -43825720 Forest 1 Alpha Melpomenia 900 I To the right there's a sewer with a chest that contained the Koto for me. Further right there are some bandits. A few more sewers and a cultist hut if you keep walking right.
Alpha -52103963 54179252 Forest 1 Alpha Alpha Vol 450 I To the left, bandit camp followed by a research site featuring 2 matter generators. Also found a Shock Prodder epic-level teslastaff not far from spawn in a nondescript chest on the surface.
Alpha -59539589 -54082620 Forest 1 The Alpha Alpha Tuc 934 V Pulse Jump found right at spawn to the right.
Alpha -9377201 18718537 Forest 1 Alpha Omega-2 Cyg 5800 IV a Glitch village to the left with weapon and food shops and a energy dash chest.
Alpha 19911028 -22749447 Forest 1 Alpha Nu Oph 471 III Tech chest containing Energy Dash blueprint on the surface a few seconds walk to the left of spawn. Just beyond there is an Avian tomb, last enemy in the tomb dropped an assault rifle for me.
Beta 98571252 57022122 Desert 2 Beta Eta Leo 1438 II Rainbow biome scattered throughout planet, w/ a rainbow chest pretty far right. Two Avian Tombs to the left. There is a tech chest in a cave just past the left exit of the first tomb. Gets cold at night.
Beta 59877411 -70634402 Savannah 2 Beta Pi-5 Ori 0273 II a Small planet with an Avian Tomb almost immediately left of spawn. Miniboss further left. Keep going and you'll see a Wizard's house. He drops a Wizard spawner upon death.
Beta -13724471 -24668630 Forest 2 Beta Zeta Tau Majoris IV a To the left is a penal colony, good for farming pixels
Beta 98571252 57022122 Desert 2 Beta Eta Leo 1438 I To the left is an avian airship. To the right at a decent distance is a small structure with robotic enemies and small chest.
Beta -13151512 42518101 Savannah 2 Beta Ruchbah 990 I b There's an avian village immediately to the left of the spawn.
Beta 62663582 -76544920 Savannah 2 Beta Psi-2 Ori 96 III c Avian tower with guns left of spawn quite a way.
Beta -379240 -19650983 Savannah 2 Beta HR 306 Cep 1553 V Just a little to the left is a strange floran structure with mushroom people around it, nothing of value inside though. Much further to the left is a glitch village with plenty of lootable things. Even further left after that is another glitch village where I found the Pixel Hero Pants.
Beta -379240 -19650983 Forest 2 Beta HR 306 Cep 1553 IIa Right to the left of spawn is a mushroom dude who sells guns and other weapons. And a little further left is a mushroom town with musroom houses and small mushroom creatures.
Beta 19702675 22515992 Jungle 2 Beta Omicron Tau 7849 VIIb A short walk left there's a flesh biome with 2 chests, and a short ways to the left there's a glitch castle.
Beta -66610083 -80952019 Forest 2 Beta Zionksthis is not fucking working 670 IIa Right to the left of spawn is a a Matter Generator.
Beta -10645768 -65963512 Savannah 2 Beta Delta Tri 6773 I b (behind the Sun/Star) very Small planet, Apex maze with High Tech chest at the end, either Pulse Jump or Energy Dash in it.
Beta -10645768 -65963512 Desert 2 Beta Delta Tri 6773 I (behind the Sun/Star) Large planet, 2 Apex labs on surface, High Tech chest on surface to the right with Pulse Jump(in cave but maybe 10 blocks below surface), large Avian Dungeon on opposite side from start, and a toxic dump shed. Lots of surface metals, including Silver and Gold.
Gamma 84839128 -98405808 Grasslands 3 Gamma X Sgr 929 V a Short distance to the left is Ribbit! merchant, on the surface. Further left is a Floran dungeon. To the right there are some Shroom guys with a pretty creepy altar of some kind. If you dig down from spawn you'll encounter miniature villages, lots of minerals and lots of pixels to be made. The entire Gamma X Sgr 929 system has multiple points of interest.
Gamma -67171603 20951495 Desert 3 Gamma Alpha Cir 68 I RIGHT: not far from spawn 2 high-tech chests with rocketjump and butterfly-boost for me. LEFT: walked a bit and found bonechest with bonechest-blueprint in tar biome. Later on there was an evil Floran-prison. Lots of boneboo in tar biomes and some sugar in desert. In a cave right to the right of spawn, I dug straight down into a cave system with another high tech chest that had Gravity Neutralizer in it. To the left, along with all the other stuff, I also found a campsite with no people around.
Gamma -99191949 -16951062 forest 3 Gamma Sulafat 85 II HUGE planet, with multiple giant mushroom and apex villages. Spawned at the edge of a shroom village. Stopped counting mushroom villages after the 5th one. After returning to ship had 19 shroom chests,collected all shroom blueprints and then some.
Gamma -96686729 -85265299 Snow 3 Gamma 16 Cyg 58 VI a If you push left, you will find a lab. Go past the lab to the left, and there will be a chest with Gravity Bubble in it. Edit; I went here and the only snow planet was not the a planet, it was the main planet. The a was listed as a forest to me. When I went left I found nothing but an underground fort, but when I went right I found the lab, a tech chest with morphball in it, and a few more labs after that.
Gamma -97590479 34279346 arid 3 Gamma Sadalbari (MU) 7421 IV ?(arid one) Really rich in ore beneath the temple to the left. Orion sword (purple quality) in a chest underground.(OP Edit: Go a little to the right of spawn, dig down here: You will eventually come upon a chest with a tool spawner, and further you will find with the sword) (EDIT: Orion sword not guaranteed for everybody.)
Gamma -96686729 -85265299 forest 3 Gamma 16 Cyg 58 VII a A bit left from spawn is a bunch of mushroom people selling guns and swords. Past the village is an Apex tech lab puzzle
Gamma -96686729 -85265299 jungle 3 Gamme 16 Cyg 58 VII b To the right of spawn are two tech chests. No tech in them for me, however. There's also two mini-bosses on this planet. I also found an avian temple, but it's only good for pixel farming. Beware of acid rain!
Gamma -96686729 -85265299 Snow 3 Gamma 16 Cyg 58 VIII I found a Matter Generator on Both Snow planets in this System.
Gamma -45 100000071 Desert 3 Gamma Marinius Minoris VI Rainbow biome on the surface, a few rainbow chests with blueprints. Two pirate ships with gun merchants. Deep beneath the surface is a layer of polished bones and fleshy blocks. Prone to Acid Rain.
Gamma -45 100000071 Grasslands 3 Gamma Marinius Minoris VI a Tech chest with a tech (mine was morphball) to the left immediately.
Gamma 58643018 -12133194 Savannah 3 Gamma Toxidion 0027 I a To the left: Crystal chest with blueprint (crystal bed for me). The entire surface is a crystal biome. Apex facility with Matter Generator. Tech chest near cultists.
Gamma 79362217 96354805 Biome 3 Gamma Hydrae 9677 I To the left, at a small distance from spawn, is a Apex Tech facility with matter block and tech chests.
Gamma 79362217 96354805 Biome 3 Gamma Hydrae 9677 I A To the left, at a decent distance from spawn, is a Apex Tech facility with many guards and scientists. More of a pixel farm than anything else.
Gamma 79362217 96354805 Biome 3 Gamma Hydrae 9677 I B To the left, not far off of spawn, there is a glitch village. In the chest at the top of the house with an apple sign, I found a wedding dress. In the house with the sword sign, I found a chest with a legendary weapon. To the right is a mini-boss.
Gamma 79362217 96354805 Biome 3 Gamma Hydrae 9677 VIII B To the left, not far off of spawn, there is a village with a food merchant and two chests.
Gamma -96686729 -85265299 Snow 3 Gamma 16 Cyg 58 VIII a Left of the spawn will be a matter generator lab, with 2 chests inside. Farther left there will be a mini-boss near some chests on the surface. Also contains an Avian Temple.
Gamma 1670196 -64781551 Grasslands 3 Gamma Krikkit 049 IV a Just to the left of spawn I found a tech chest on the surface (on OSX, so I don't know if it'll be the same on Windows). Further left there's an abandoned Apex lab obstacle course with a tech chest at the end. Both chests contained Gravity Neutralizer for me. (Edit by another user: I'm on Windows, I didn't see a tech chest "just to the left of spawn." However, the Apex Lab had a tech chest and I found two additional tech chests on the surface when I did a planet-wide sweep. I received 1x Pulse Jump and 2x Butterfly Boost. Another edit: OSX user - yeah, there is a chest left to the spawn, aparently the OSX uses another seed to chest placement but the same for the planetary structures)
Gamma 58643020 96354804 Forest 3 Gamma Algorab Majoris IIa Native Crop: Automato. Size: Small. L: Desert, Floran shrine, Matter Block Complex (15 blocks) R: 2 Bandit camps.
Gamma 58643020 96354804 Jungle 3 Gamma Algorab Majoris IIIa Native Crop: None. Size: Small. L. Glitch Village covers most of surface; lots of codex items and blueprints in library, many chests containing seeds and occasional blueprints. Dig immediately down from spawn until you find a small pool of poison, then follow the cave down to a bigger pool of poison. Dig below that and find a tech chest in ANOTHER pool of poison.
Gamma 58643020 96354804 Desert 3 Gamma Algorab Majoris IIIb Native Crop: Currentcorn. Size: Small. L: USCM Penal Colony covers most of surface.
Gamma 58643020 96354804 Jungle 3 Gamma Algorab Majoris IIIc Native Crop: None. Size: Average. Environmental Risk: Acid Rain. L: Mining Camp R: Mushroom people ritualistically sacrificing a Floran in a pot full of lava.
Gamma 58643020 96354804 Snow 3 Gamma Algorab Majoris IIIe Native Crop: None. Size: Small. Environmental Risk: Extreme cold. L: Avian temple R: sm. Apex lab w/ tech chest, populated by extremely aggressive bulbasaurs.
Gamma 58643020 96354804 Desert 3 Gamma Algorab Majoris IIIf Native Crop: Sugarcane. Size: Small. L: Sm. Glitch Settlement populated by heavily armed Apex surrounded by instagib spikes in a bone biome R: Floran platform w/ chest. (It's mostly worth going here to get sugarcane seeds).
Gamma 58643020 96354804 Grasslands 3 Gamma Algorab Majoris IVa Native Crop: None. Size: Small. L: Matter Block Complex (15 blocks).
Gamma -73662726 -90833446 Snow 3 Gamma Hyadum I 8606 Ve Not sure if it's just me, but a little to the right is a MASSIVE block tower. Not like a structure or anything, its made out of snow, slush, the occasional ore(basically it generated like the ground). Top of the tower is in the asteroid biome. Please confirm if it's there for you as well. EDIT: To the left is another small towers and a larger mass of land....This whole planet is kinda derpy
Delta -58237887 67083654 Grasslands 4 Delta Zormedra 3571 I b Tech chest immediatly left of spawn (Confirmed, but half submerged in water, look carefully. Easily missed). There is a second tech chest a little further to the left in a shallow cavern just past the group of trees.
Delta -36 100000067 Savannah 4 Delta Gamma Mic 397 VI c Very shortly to the left of spawn, is a chest with purple quality Hammer; fun effect & breaks blocks. Much much much farther in a little house with 2 robots is a purple quality prodder. Moderately to the right of spawn is a chest with a blue quality 1h gun "Poppiece" also fun, plasma bounces around (slowly) before exploding
Delta -100 101 Grasslands 4 Delta Alya 37 I b Found 3 large chests to the right of spawn with guns in each. Although the chests are spread out, the planet is incredibly small so it shouldn't take long to find them.
Delta 939 947 Forest 4 Delta Ondor 87 IV f Tech chest immediately left of spawn that contains Butterfly Boost. Very hard to miss.
Delta 98571251 57022120 Savannah 4 Delta Vinnland Majoris I b Very shortly left after the spawn is an Avian air ship selling pistols and really nice 1-handed swords. EDIT: I don't think this is correct, I found no ship and I went pretty far and left and right, also the planet isn't even Savannah, its Grasslands
Delta 74201700 -75176985 Desert 4 Delta Doppledae 5579 I Planet contains two science apex labs. Good chance of guards dropping medium range guns. 1 High Tech chest containing Butterfly Boost found on surface. Multiple chests scattered underground with guns, mostly.
Delta 43313758 -45808380 Savannah 4 Delta Ondor Minoris III a Short distance left of spawn with an Apex lab obstacle course that contains the Gravity bubble tech.
Delta -25245649 49991863 Forest 4 Delta Iris 146 I c ~50 blocks to the right of spawn is a tech chest with Butterfly Boost for me.~30 blocks to the left of spawn is a glitch smithy.Further left is a matter generator,with a tech chest
Delta 24850463 -45719854 Grasslands 4 Delta Mothallah 566 III You'll find about ten tech chests in Apex labs when you'll circle the hole planet.Between two of them you can find an Old Chest containing Human Mech. There are also two Glitch villages a small distance left of spawn.
X -68877362 -88893514 Forest 5 X Beta LMi Minoris VIII a Right of spawn there is a surface chest that dropped a Toxic Flower Backpack ( To the left of spawn is a tech chest. Further left is an Apex Lab with a parkour puzzle, but its tech chest is easily reachable from the surface. Native plants here are toxictop and eggshoot. Edit: Now its X Beta Lup Minoris
X -40072728 74705705 Moon 5 X Omega Ori 568 Ia On this moon are at least 10 chests on the Surface. Go to the left and You'll find wooden chests and an U.S.C.M. Colony. Here a small list of what I found on the SURFACE: Plasma Shotgun, 2 Shotguns, Plasma Rifle, 2 Assault Rifles, Starcleaversword, 3 different Instruments and much more.
X -33526906 6051703 Desert 5 X Procyon 189 I A good ways left of spawn is a Glitch castle with wizard robes and wizard bottoms and a magic scroll back item. A short ways further is an Agaran altar. Further left is a frog merchant followed shortly by another frog merchant. A while further left is a second Glitch castle in which I found a legendary wooden sword. Plenty of surface chests.
X -33526906 6051703 savannah 6 X X Procyon 189 II a In a Floran village to the left of spawn, I found a rare Strawberry Hat. I also found a Doctor Spawner and harp instrument on this small planet.
X -81267085 40809014 forest 6 X Hoyle Majoris VI b USCM Penal Colony at spawn to the left. Also some Mushroom People
X -95001060 84585444 Forest 6 X Grumium Minoris I a Avian Village to the right of spawn
X -81267066 40809026 forest 6 X Mezzgorg 314 III b Glitch town to the left of spawn
X -81267078 40809022 Jungle 8 X W Boo Minoris II a USCM underground base, little bit away from the spawn past some Avian persons house
X -81267078 40809022 Moon 7 X W Boo Minoris II c Large Floran village and Treehouse with a number of rare weapons in chests, and a food merchant on the other side of the planet.
X -29167085 3160677 Forest 8 X Segin 190 V Avian market left of spawn.
X 29017792 20636767 Forest 9 X Rho Her 710 IX a Tech chest left of spawn containing a random tech. (Bubble Boost and Energy Dash reported). (Confirmed, found one tech chest just down a cave to the left of spawn. Also found 2 more, one in a small lab with poison and the other one at the surface far to the right.)Also there is an avian air ship just to the left of the spawn.
X 20057272 -32138771 Jungle 9 X Venator 5441 I To the right of the spawn will be a small sewage area that has a chest in it and for me had the legendary starcleaversword and a little further to the right there will be a chest on the ground that had a legendary eyesword and a little further is a wizard that sells stim packs and a wizard hat. There is also a Glitch town on the planet about the same distance either to the left or the right. reported by steam user TORCHGODZ. (Unable to find the chests - Reported by a streamer) Easily found both chests, second one had legendary weapon for me.

HYPOSTATIC: found first sewage chest; contained grey-level sword. Found wizard. Found eyesword. EDIT: Prof. Gizmo - go left of spawn for some time and you will reach a massive Glitch city with lots of merchants selling food, armor, weapons, etc.

X 71700534 -77671069 Grasslands 10 X Alpha Hyi 655 IIa Move left for some minutes, you will find a little Tech Poison Pit Building with a Tech Chest in it, if you continue to walk to the left, you will find a Outhouse with a .. Poo .. Dungeon below.

Thats right, there are Flies, Poo Men and little jumping Poos.

X -29167108 3160685 Forest 10 X Exibiir 651 IV Legendary Sword with insane knockback (Edit: No description? Well, I scoured the entire surface and found nothing so good luck finding it otherwise. Edit by Another User: Also went around entire planet and only found a 2000 dps lightning sword. Chest seems random. -Edit by steam user, "Vilemk0"; 1/29/14) (Edit: In a surface chest, second one to the right. Knockback isn't that amazing. Not instanced, so nonrandom. 2014-01-30) Edit: This sword, Boss Blade, is based off the NES Zelda sword you start off with in the beginning - the Wooden Sword. Just like in the first Zelda, this sword shoots a magical sword projectile. It even has the same sword swinging sound as in Zelda.
X 398182 86242668 Jungle 10 X 30 Her 09 II b Avian Airship to the left
X -18688181 -18370412 Jungle 10 X Lyrae 478 II a Has a large USCM Penal Colony. Various Apex structures dot the planet as well. Penal Colonists may drop a gun or two if you're lucky. (Guns dropped are scaled to threat level 10, but the colonists themselves are hardly level 10-worthy.) This system also has a large asteroid field
X -18688162 -18370388 Grasslands (Purple) 10 X Phi Cas 976 II a Glitch castle (With bell tower and wizard) to the left of spawn. (Though the planet is small enough that you could go right easily.) Only the horseback glitches are threat level 10-worthy.
X -71998217 15975313 Snow 10 X Tomoch 6437 II b Avian market village to the left of spawn
X -95001060 84585444 Desert 10 X Grumium Minoris III b Avian Airship to the left of spawn
X -68877362 -88893514 Savannah 10 X Beta LMi Minoris III Tech chest with Gravity Neutralization left of spawn. Just before the underground base.
X 84697864 -57887218 Snow 10 X Deneb Dulfium 74 X Left of spawn is a chest at the entrance of a cave containing the bubble boost tech and further left is an avian airship.
X -29167136 3160682 Jungle 10 X Polaris Gal. Bor. 59 I a Left of spawn will be a small lab with a chest. Had a legendary weapon in there for me. (No sniper for me but much further left in the forest I found a chefs apron? It wasn't even in a chest so I assume it was a wandering chef killed by monsters. Might have a chance to drop other pieces of chef vanity outfit. -Edit by steam user, "Vilemk0"; 1/29/14)
X -54364818 48439495 Jungle 10 X Oatem 950 VI Tech chest left of the spawn in with a Targeted Blink pattern. Avian temple just a bit further past this as well.
X 29017792 20636767 Jungle 10 X Rho Her 710 IX c Surface Tech Chest just left of spawn (Pulse Jump for me)
X -29167149 3160701 Grasslands 10 X Pi Hya Majoris I Legendary eye sword in the chest right of spawn. Also Avian Tomb further right
X 14737382 -40511723 Snow 10 X Sualocin 93 VIII Apex obstacle course to the left, further left is a chest with an uncommon grade shotgun, even further to the left is a chest with the back costume item Magic Scroll.
X -14310939 37482156 Grasslands 10 X HR 306 Cep 239 II Left of the spawn is a small castle with a Wizard npc that sells the Wizard hat, killing the npc results in dropping the Wizard Spawner. Very very far off to the left in a chest contains a Fancy Hat.
X 71700534 -77671068 Arid 10 X Diadem 148 III a Left of the spawn is a Floran village and one of the chests contains a legendary weapon.
X 91365452 -18410517 Savannah 10 X Delta Hya 2347 V a Pirate ship on the other side of the planet, look for the anchor!
X -71998285 15975341 Snow 10 X HR 7272 Lyr 625 II Avian Village to left of spawn. Also a Glitch Torture Chamber with Prisoner Further Left From Village
X -18688176 -18370291 Desert 10 X Assimilia 7488 IV USCM base Left from spawn
X -18688176 -18370291 Arid 10 X Assimilia 7488 II Left of spawn Lge Chest with uncommon rocket launcher. Further left but before glitch village, legendary sword in small chest (legendary wooden sword, Zelda homage) and a flute. Two glitch villages back to back. 2nd Village found cape in a chest in one of the houses. (lgiu: i also found a reed organ in the cheft of the library n the second village)
X -68877362 -88893514 Desert 10 X Beta LMi Minoris VIII Left of Spawn Avian Tower, Not Far Past is Tech Chest (I got Bubble Boost).
X -68877376 -88893505 Grasslands 10 X 2 Lac Majoris II Right of Spawn after tower guarded by droids in ditch Tech Chest (I got Targeted Blink) Two apex towns on the planet. Multiple droid towers and bunkers, heaps of mini bosses and lots of chests scattered on the surface containing vanity items, uncommon weapons, rocket launchers etc.
X -34587757 -30855303 Arid 10 X Leporis 214 Ia Left of spawn is an Apex puzzle facility with Butterfly Tech. Reported by Theodikus (EDIT): Pulse Jump for me, Butterfly Tech not guaranteed.
X 51315984 75558438 Arid 10 X Markeb Ib Left of spawn is an Avian airship. Rare planets eclipse.Edit by Jolly: also if you go to the right there are two High Tech-Chest, no tech for me but a captain hat and a Hammered Dulcimer.
X 43600056 72747212 Savannah 10 X Lesath Minoris Ib Travelling left, there's an avian village with many shops, followed by 5 Apex buildings, 4 of which contain hi-tech chests. The planet is very small, so getting everything takes little time.(Edit Jenze / when spawned go into the first tunnel to the right , in the water there will be a tech chest , for me it was human mech , also i only found 3 apex buildings )
X 50532528 -30523665 Arid 10 X Zeta Cep Majoris I To the left is an Apex lab and just a little further left is a chest with a legendary eye sword.
X 18830510 -98066150 Savannah 10 X Gamma Lup 9756 I To the left, first cave down is an underground chest with a doctor spawner in it. A little further left is a small Apex Lab with a tech Chest and a lot further left comes another Lab with a tech chest. You'll come across a bigger Apex Lab if you keep going. There are also a lot of surface chests (found a 2handed assault rifle, blue quality, in one behind the labs). I also found a blue quality grenade launcher in an underground chest (dig straight down from the starting point until you reach a cave system in the sand-layer and explore the caves going left - hard to explain). Also found two mini-bosses on the surface.
X 18830510 -98066150 Snow 10 X Gamma Lup 9756 II A large snow planet with the Ribbit!(EDIT : not found on Mac but I'm unsure what rabbit is referring to.) merchant (to the right of spawn, past a kennel(EDIT. no kennel on mac)), Avian temples, snowmen and giant Floran statues(edit not found on mac), as well as a legendary bonehammer(EDIT not found on MAC) (slow but powerful melee weapon) in a surface chest on the other side of the planet.(edit Jenze / when you come across an assassin inside a house with sawblades ,underneath to the right is a tech-chest with butterflyboost) (EDIT NOT found on MAC) this planet is there on MAC but is for the most part a useless planet to stumble across i found pulse jump in a high tech chest but thats it.
X 18830510 -98066150 Tundra 10 X Gamma Lup 9756 III Avian Tower (hostile NPCs) to the left. Small Apex lab with a tech chest further to the left. Several surface chests (I found a legendary 2handed sword (starcleaver) in a chest left of the Avian tower). Also found two mini-bosses on the surface.
X 8063822 -90688103 Forest 10 X Phi Sgr Minoris VIIIa A Flora city and a surface chest with an Epic "Piggy"-Grenade launcher. Direction doesn't matter this planet is pretty small.
X 8063822 -90688103 Desert 10 X Phi Sgr Minoris IV 3 Blocks Human Prison just a few meters on the left side. Also some surface chests, some wild living Avains and a lot sugercane.
X 8063813 -90688097 Moon 10 X Aether 944 Xc Just left of the spawn you'll find a chest a few meters deep in a crevice, it contains a Epic Nowa 2h-Sword with about 2600dps.

Further on the left side there is a dungeon of a laser armed species.

X 8063813 -90688097 Tundra 10 X Aether 944 IX On the left side is an Avian Pirate ship. And there are also a lot of cloth vendors around on the surface.
X -6033300 52347440 Grassland 10 X X Xi Boo 121 III Mine. Apex lab to right with 2 tech chest. One had morphball tech. steamuser:zapaper
X 96900858 42096804 Savannah 10 X Almaaz 7638 III Floran village and several apex labs. steamuser:zapaper
X 96900851 42096791 Desert 10 X Gamma Hya Minoris Ic Airship + many surface chest. steamuser:zapaper
X 96900851 42096791 Arid 10 X Gamma Hya Minoris III Glitch house and poo-golem. steamuser:zapaper
X 8063818 -90688116 Tundra 10 X HR 2877 Gem Minoris IV 2 Glitch villages with one library each (tons of food blueprints and codex's). In the village left of the spawn i found an epic eye sword in a chest at the foodmerchand. And besides there is a permanent hailstorm, this planate is beautiful.
X 112 6 Magma 10 X Kyatz Majoris I 2 Glitch castles, several little 1v1 battles and lots of surface level chests. There is also 1 tech chest. Preferably go left and get the castle then port and explore the rest of the world going right. I found several costumes in chests/library shelves.
X 8063812 -90688120 Desert 10 X Sigma Cyg 37 I On the Left is a small tech building and further a Floracity with many chests.
X 8063812 -90688120 Desert 10 X Sigma Cyg 37 Va There are 2 Rainbow chests on the planet. With a rainbow hood and a Bubblegun(no dmg) in it. The first is on the left after the first houses but before the Avian tempel, the 2. is a little walk behinde the tempel, along the left side. The rest of the planet is populated by Avians and wizard Bunnys with Hoodys ;)
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