Coordinates to points of interest in Starbound

Please share any new ones you discover by adding it to the table below. Also make sure to bookmark this page and check back for new coordinates added by the community!! No cursing or other instigations.

NOTE: The first table has coordinates confirmed from the latest version of the game (Upbeat Giraffe Stable). To see coordinates from previous versions that have been wiped see Starbound: Old Coordinates.

NOTE: Coordinates are directly tied into the bit-ness of the game executable, _NOT_ the operating system. 32-bit coordinates will not work with the 64-bit version of the game; however, a 64-bit version of the game (whether on Mac, Linux, or Windows) should have its coordinates work fine regardless of platform, and ditto for 32-bit versions.



==Latest Patch: Upbeat Giraffe Stable - WINDOWS, Starbound 64 -bit==

Sector X Y Biome Threat Name Notes
Beta -231476301 -941449703 Ice Dangerous Beta Delta Columbus II a An igloo with a campfire just when you beam down. Mini-boss to the right. 2 Floran dungeons (small and big, no bone carvings :[ ). Lots of ice chests, found 2 frost shields.
Beta -231476282 -941449738 Snow Moderate Beta Terminatus Minoris I Glowy mini-biomes, to the left - surface chests with glowing bows and bio shirts. A large Avian village with Rubber Ducky. Flying mini-boss to the right and right after you beam down there is a High-Tech Chest with a blank tech card.
Beta 538065310 -804597800 Arid Moderate Beta Underwood 4971 I Rainbow Mini-Biome with a rainbow sword and cape, the cape can be found going left, after a while you should find a USCM Facility with a rainbow chest and cape on the entrance.
Alpha 750446683 -641785230 Alien Risky Alpha Muphrid 7579 I b Glitch castle + 2 mini castles, crystal trees & chests, at least 1 miniboss. Watch your step for lava, and the mini-castle inhabitants hit HARD.
Delta 989817832 -17131651 Desert Mostly Harmless Delta Nu and Minoris III c (NOT WORKING) An Avian Village with Golden Ducky, many surface chests (I found Bedouin full armor), 2 minibosses, 2 bandit camps and 1 cultist altar.
Alpha 538065134 -804597812 Arid Moderate Alpha Eps Cen Majoris IV Glitch village + rainbow chests, not too far to the right. Several rainbow chests to the left above ground and a couple in caves underground, look around with your matter manipulator to see where the tunnels continue. Rainbow hood in a chest above ground past village to right. Careful, as the spawn is right beside a bandit camp, though if you're sufficiently well-armoured, they will do next to no damage...
Delta 989817950 -17131564 Desert Delta Sigma Ori Minoris System VI (This does not work) Super far left or right there's an Avian Tomb. I walked out with 10 Avian Moon Emblems. If you go left, you'll hit an Ape Research Lab along the way which is a great source of Laboratory Lockers aka the most efficient storage item. - EDIT: Actually there are only rainbow chests to the right of Delta Sigma Ori Minoris System VI a.
Beta -947478416 -727389114 Beta Kappa Ser 409 IV c Just walk to the right. Bedouin stuff is in a chest, then Apex lab then Tomb.
Delta 989817880 -17131585 Delta HR 8734 Psc 166 IV Glitch castle to right, USCM penal colony shortly after, 2 flying minibosses, lots of flower chests after second miniboss or left from spawn
Epsilon -883355703 63191518 Epsilon Eta Lup 90 II c Frozen planet, requires Cold Protection suit. Head left from spawn, after a few valleys there is an Avian Airship with a Treasure Map on it.
Delta 989817885 -17131603 Arid Moderate Delta Tania Australis 68V Rainbow Trees & Chests with Rainbow Painting, Rainbow Bed and Blue Paintgun Blue Prints (to the left) Glitch Village (to the right) (possibly not working)
Delta 989817885 -17131603 Arid Moderate Delta Tania Australis 68Va Rainbow Trees & Chests, Apex Village (to the left) (possibly not working)
Beta 538065143 -804597797 Alien Risky Beta Lambda Gem 44VI Alien Biome & Ocarina, Caustic Stag Helmet in a chest. Also has two All-Seeing Capes, one to the right and another left of a floran hunting camp (has multiple bone carvings)!
Beta 538065143 -804597797 Tropical Risky Beta Lambda Gem 44V HIGH RADIATION High-tech chest w/ blank tech card (to the left), Giant Flower Biome. Glitch Science Facility, Glitch Wizard Castle, Avian Air Ship
Delta 989817950 -17131564 Desert Mostly Harmless Delta Sigma Ori Minoris V b Some random Avian Caravans, and a Tar chest with a Tar chest BP and an electronic keyboard (Bright Piano) in the same chest. Lots of Oil pools.
Epsilon 928810053 151914755 Snow Moderate Epsilon Puxerion 294 VI Nice snowfield, A really big Ape city, a High-tech chest, some chests with Stone furniture BP, a mini glitch's Blacksmith house, a miniboss, and a chest containing the Alien Alpaca Mask.
Delta 928810049 151914745 Snow Moderate Delta Shedar 31 IV Nice snowfield too, A Floran dungeon, some chest with sometimes Backpack (aesthetic backpack), some Snow Infantry vanity, some npc selling shirt on trailer, and Alien Biome.
Epsilon -519073843 -220227775 Snow Moderate Epsilon Set 34 IV a Stone chest, flying mountain + Apex lab - all on left. (requires Cold Protection suit)
Bold text Delta 10222423 1120104 Arid Moderate Delta Menkent 743 III b (NOT WORKING) Walk to the right, there are a Avian village (with the Golden Ducky) and just after, a Florian village (with the Bone Carving).
Epsilon 333913500 556195487 Snow Dangerous Epsilon Mu-1 Sco 2197 III a When going to the left, you will face a Mini-Boss, a chest with cyclops yeti mask & penguin snow globe, and an unusually large area of flat land for building. On the right, there is an Avian Temple and a hill that has multiple Ice chests in it containing an Ice door blueprint, Ice Chair Blueprints (underground), and an Ice Machine Blueprint (underground). This planet is covered in eggshoot as well.
Epsilon 665 665 Snow Dangerous Epsilon 68 Her Majoris I To the right, there are multiple ice chests containing frost crown, Ice Table blueprints, Ice Chest blueprints, snowman snow globe, Ice Machine blueprints, a Frost Shield, and an Frost Spear. On the left there is a Crystal Laboratory (notably contains a scientist glasses, plasma disc, and dark matter). There is also a human clothes merchant.
Delta -5 12 Snow Dangerous Delta Iota-2 Sco 0984 V To the left there is a USCM underground facility and even further left is a USCM Prison.
Delta 10222466 1120110 Forest Mostly Harmless Delta Hind's Crimson Minoris VI c Walk to your right for a bit to find a sewer dungeon entrance. Agaran colony further to the right.
Gamma -937290165 -804810734 Snow Dangerous Gamma Dubhe 16 I (NOT WORKING) Contains both a USCM prison with signs and an avian tomb with a Golden Ducky, both needed for quests. Many surface chests.
Beta 390173199 386724894 Tropical Risky Beta Eta Crv 759 I a

You beam down over an Avian temple with at least two golden duckies and a large Apex lab just to the right. The larger snow planet next door has a Human prison complex.

Delta 390173215 386724911 Desert Mostly Harmless Delta Helgavisa 825 III a (NOT WORKING)

Avian tomb with lots of moon emblems.

Gamma 818883594 -736434093 Ice Dangerous Gamma Lagomorpha 746 IV D Found the coords in Reddit. There is an avian airship at the left, after an apex lab.
Delta 989817897 -17131586 Dead Extreme Delta Necrocia 911 VIII b Glitch castle to the right with Glitch codex and Glitch globe.
Gamma 133630 1992 Desert Mostly Harmless Gamma Pi PsA 98 I

Bugs: Sunskipper, Sandclown Plants: Beakseed, Feathercrown, Kiwi (Oasis) Other: 2 Flying Mini Bosses as you beam down, Surface Chest (Right of spawn, has Lantern Stick Right: Oasis (Healing Water) , Apex Village, Oasis (Reed Chest with Reed Wall Clock Blueprints, Reed Hat), Surface Chest (Bedouin Head Armour), Oasis (Reed Chest with Reed Wall Clock Blueprints, Reed Chest Blueprints) Left: Oasis (Mini Boss), Mini Boss

Gamma 133630 1992 Forest Mostly Harmless Gamma Pi PsA 98 II

Bugs: Redwing, Blueback Plants: Tomatoes, Carrots, Coffee Right: Surface Chest (Hiker Jacket), Mushroom Village (3 Shops, Shroom Table Blueprint, Wild Fungus Cap), Surface Chest (Safety Helmet) Left: Mushroom Village (2 Shops, Wild Fungus Skirt), Surface Chest (Hiker Trousers, Hiker Jacket), Mushroom Village (Shroom Lamp Blueprint)

Gamma 133630 1992 Forest Mostly Harmless Gamma Pi PsA 98 IV

Bugs: Blueback, Greentip Plants: Coffee, Carrots, Planet has Pine Trees Right: Cultist Altar, Bandit Camp, Mushroom Village (2 Shops) Left: Small Bandit Camp, Mushroom Village (1 Shop), Cultist Altar, Mini Boss (Bone Axe in Surface Chest to Left of Mini Boss)

Gamma 133630 1992 Forest Mostly Harmless Gamma Pi PsA 98 V

Bugs: Greentip Plants: Coffee, Carrots Right: Mini Boss, Surface Chest (Flowery Pants, Flowery Hat, Flowery Shirt) Other side of Planet: Apex Village Left: Floran Village, Surface Chest (Reed Organ, which is located slightly underground next to a Status Pod and a Large Chest)

Latest Patch: Upbeat Giraffe Stable - MAC[edit]

Sector X Y Biome Threat Name Notes
none 989817397 -17131269 Forest Mostly Harmless Epsilon Porrima 80 I Florian Village to the right, had a Bone Carving needed for A Bone To Pick Quest. Further right an Avian Village. I found one Golden Ducky needed for another quest. (help: I found the Avian Village but not the Florian one)
none 989817950 -17131564 Tropical (Radiation) Risky Delta Sigma Ori Minoris VIII a Go left for Apex Facility with Matter Block Generator. Only source of matter blocks for makeshift armor. (help: star is eccentric and planet is moderate ocean for me)
none 581177206 -326848284 Dead Planet Extreme Epsilon Minkar 38 VI a Go left for Apex Facility.

Latest Patch: Upbeat Giraffe Stable - Linux 32-Bit[edit]

Sector X Y Biome Threat Name Notes
none 259086984 -904562168 Arid and rainbow Average Epsilon Melpomene Majoris I Apex City

Latest Patch: Upbeat Giraffe Stable - Linux 64-Bit[edit]

Sector X Y Biome Threat Name Notes
none 989817950 -17131564 Arid Moderate Delta Sigma Ori Minoris VIII b To the right there's an Avian temple (has moon emblem, but no gold ducky), and further to the right there's a Glitch village. The is a Glitch codex in the village.
none 989817959 -17131558 Arid Moderate Alpha Virginis 5896 VI Sewer dungeon to the right.
none 989817959 -17131558 Arid Moderate Alpha Virginis 5896 IV a Floral village to the right.
none 989817959 -17131558 Arid Moderate Alpha Virginis 5896 II a Apex village to the right, flying miniboss further right.
none 989817915 -17131560 Snow Moderate Beta Homam 0382 II Avian village to the right, in far right of village there is a gold ducky.
none 72705450 57105024 Tropical Risky Delta Sulafat Majoris II USCM Penal colony on right (with sign). (later editor: This was IX for me, Win 7 32bit)
none 31336868 31337056 Volcanic Extreme Delta Chi Eri 72 I a Head left for an Apex Lab, and then past that is an Avian airship (with a treasure map). May be on fire when you find it, and will slowly be destroyed while you're on it.
none 676063137 -792008792 Snow Moderate Alpha Nu Hya 25 III Floran town with bone carving in tall building. USCM underground lab.
none 6 -8 Arid Moderate Alpha HD 195019 Del 09 V a Avian town to left of spawn. Rainbow wood biome. Glitch town past Avian town with codex and globe in last building (first if going right instead of left, to Glitch town first).
none 72705409 57105009 Dead Planet Extreme Epsilon Stegamagister 33 II a Apex lab to the right.
none 790994325 -81732294 Barren Harmless Alpha Cephei Majoris II A barren and lifeless world suitable for large scale construction.
none 5 58 Moderate Arid Beta Tau Vir 096 II Rainbow wood biome. 6 rainbow chests.

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