Enter the Sanctum Universum in Unity in Starfield.

Enter the Sanctum Universum is an objective in Unity in Starfield.


  • Keeper Aquilis will ask Matteo and the Explorer to come inside the Sanctum Universum.
  • Inside the Sanctum, head over to the left.
  • Open the door there and go into the office.
  • You'll find Keeper Aquilis and Matteo waiting inside.
  • Take the seat next to Matteo to begin the conversation.
  • There are plenty of things to talk about: "It started with the discovery of these anomalies. The Artifacts", "We were attacked by a group called the Starborn", or "We found a series of Temples that grant unusual powers."
  • Any of these will lead you to hearing the parable of the "Secret of Unity."
  • This Pilgrim of the Infinite went to live out his days in contemplation of the "Infinitum Addendum".
  • You are free to make whatever choices you want throughout, but all paths lead Keeper Aquilis point to the House of Enlightenment and Va'ruun.
  • He tells you that both the Houses have their own version of the story that he doesn't know.
  • Time to do some more research.
  • The important part to note is there is a Va'ruun Zealot that got captured attacking UC Ships.