Talk to the Va'ruun Prisoner in Unity in Starfield.

Talk to the Va'ruun Prisoner is an objective in Unity in Starfield.


Keeper Aquilus believes there was a pilgrim who kept the truth about "Unity" in a location hidden in stories told to the Sanctum Universum, the House of Enlightenment and House Va'ruun.


  • Head out of the Sanctum Universum to begin the next part of your trek.
  • Make your way back to the entrance district of the City.
  • Go up the ramp toward the entrance of the city and then head into the UC security offices.
  • Once inside, head to the back left and through the doorway there.
  • Head down the hallway and weave along it.
  • This will get you back to the holding cells where you can find Mir'za.
  • You can ask them about the Pilgrim and them fighting an important figure.