"Carpenter" is a profession in Stonehearth Sandbox/RTS/RPG.
A Carpenter near his Carpenter's Workshop
A Worker being promoted to Carpenter
"Promotion to Carpenter". In honor of steadfast efforts and resilience, we hereby advance Irving Carvad this day of, day 4 of Deepmun, 1000

The Carpenter is a job/class in the Stonehearth game.

To promote a citizen to this specializtion, you need a Carpenter's Saw (you start the game with one. Additional Carpenter Saws can be crafted by a Blacksmith)

Carpenters work at a Carpenter's Workshop

They can craft tools, weapons, and furniture.


The carpenter crafts Tools and Furniture from wood.

The tools he makes unlocks several other jobs.


Carpenter's Saw , crafted by the Blacksmith

Work Station[edit]

Carpenter Workbench

Craftable Items[edit]

Tools & Weapons[edit]


Signage & Decoration[edit]

Building Parts[edit]