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Super Bugman Extreme Ultra was created by SyKoHPaTh. For more information, please visit the store page at Super Bugman Extreme Ultra.

The Game

There are several modes within Super Bugman Extreme Ultra:

  • Load or Generate a Level - The player can resume progress on a saved world in Story mode, or can type in a "seed" to generate a random Chaos level.
  • Play the Story - The "story" involves a variety of pre-made levels for the player to traverse. In this mode, other playable characters are available to be unlocked. There 8 "Worlds", each with its own theme and unique design. The goal of each world is to collect the secret key to unlock the door to the next world or boss area. In this mode, there are 3 bosses that the player must contend with in order to proceed: Dragon Head, Devourer, and the "final" boss The Gappler. Various mini-bosses can be encountered throughout the 8 Worlds.
  • Endless Chaos Levels - The player is able to attempt procedural-generated levels in this mode, with increasing Challenge upon entering the door hidden in each level. Similar to story-mode, the procedural level generation can pick from room templates across a variety of themes. Since levels are generated from a "seed", the player can optionally provide a seed to generate a level through the Load or Generate a Level mode.
  • Creative Mode - A unique man-made level that has been designed to give the player as much freedom as they desire in this mode. The player will start on a map with several crafting blocks and very few enemies. Only two mini-bosses exist on this map, which will slowly work their way toward the player.
  • World Editor - Players are able to design their own levels through this built-in utility.

The Characters

  • Super-Bugman - His special ability is to STOMP; jump and land on top of an enemy to cause damage, as well as bounce on top of them. A cumulative score bonus is gained by repeatedly bouncing on enemies without touching the ground. Otherwise average abilities, as the Story-mode levels were designed for this character.
  • Akkbord - A giant green mouth with a special ability to CONSUME any enemy instantly (except bosses!). Similar statistic abilities to Super-Bugman, except a reduced 2 points from maximum health.
  • Sashi - She is likely the first character that players will unlock that is able to access areas blocked off by dangerous traps. She is COOL and able to walk through LAVA with ease.
  • Dibgor' - While Dibgor is a short, green, goblin type character, he's able to DIG through breakable blocks without the use of a drill item. He can access narrow 1-block high areas as well, so is able to get into the smallest and most inaccessible areas. This comes at a cost, because his maximum health is only 5 points.
  • Kayak - Utility is this character's specialty, with the MACHETE being able to break through brambles. Since an item is normally required to tear through brambles, this character is at an advantage when it comes to passages blocked by the fast-growing weed. Kayak also has an advantage of higher jumping ability, but suffers from slightly reduced health.
  • Kouni - Found in a colorful bonus world, Kouni's EYEBURN ability is able to see through darkness without the requirement of holding a light. While she only has 3 maximum health, she is the highest jumper of all characters, which makes her ideal for the Chaos levels, as they tend to be very vertical at times.
  • Kikai - An odd robot who is able to fire LASER when attacking. While this character has a tough 50 max health, the large frame prevents access through narrow passages that other characters are able to pass through easily.
  • DEBUG - This character is difficult to unlock, as it requires beating the initial story-mode levels and then using a combination of previously locked characters to access the level this character is locked in. DEBUG is able to throw BOMBs, as well has having boosted stats in speed and health. The small stature is an extra helpful feature as this character can fit through 1-block high gaps with ease.
  • Fireman - Only unlocked from beating the "Hard" levels in Story mode, this character has the same stats as Super-Bugman, but is able to shoot a FIREBALL instead of stomp. However, avoid water, as this will extinguish fireman, and he will need to be re-lit by an enemy fireball. Since he's made of fire, he's also immune to fireballs (but not lava!).