Color Coding Error[edit]

I noticed that one of the Oct. 16 2014 codes have expired for PlayStation but the text color is still black instead of red. I tried fixing it but for some reason my edit didn't work. Can someone look into it and see if it can be fixed? Please delete this message once the problem is resolved.

Golden Key Cap[edit]

Apparently you are capped at 999 keys and can't exceed that number. Any keys you redeem after hitting 99 are lost. The game doesn't tell you that you are capped, you just lose keys.

Code updates 12/30/15[edit]

All Xbox One codes currently marked as working from 2/11/15 to 3/19/15 no longer work.

  • CORRECTION* These codes are unverifiable for me. For some reason I can't even get the most current code to work today. Yesterday it was working fine.
  • Solution* Jumping out of BL: TPS to another game and back again made it re-verify my account and now it's working again.

List Console A Bottom[edit]

Would it be possible to list which codes are for the pc/xbox/ps3 at the bottom as well as the top? Since the new codes are at the bottom it makes sense (to me) to have the list of which code is for what at the bottom as well. Thanks!


Thanks to all those who are updating, checking, and generally maintaining this page, your work is appreciated! Greets from South Africa  :-)

color coding of shift code status proposal[edit]

Would anyone be opposed to color coding the codes for "Works/Unknown/Expired" instead of having a separate column(s)?

So as example, just with some random colors:

Source Redeems Issue
PC/Mac/Linux PS3/Vita XBOX
E-Mail 1x Golden Key October 9, 2014 October 21, 2014 KKK3J-T66R5-BXC3T-JBJJ3-JSF9T KKK3J-T66R6-HTF5T-SBKJ3-JSFRJ KKK3J-T66J3-FZH3X-KFJJ3-JSF6R
Randy Pitchford Twitter 1x Golden Key October 14, 2014 October 19, 2014 WK5BT-T66SS-33333-33JT3-W55BK WK5BT-T66SJ-39353-93KT3-W55RJ WK5BT-T66KR-65636-56JT3-W55CK

There'd have to be a colo(u)r key obviously, and also we might want to keep in mind those with color blindness.

Just a thought, if anyone wanted to run with this while the Pre-Sequel page is still new.

-- Alternatively, we could use strikethrough text to mark expired codes.

As someone who's colorblind, I'd much rather the strikethrough. I can see that a couple of the codes are different colors, and I think two of them are red, but until I got here, I didn't realize that one was supposed to be purple... -- 19:12, 11 November 2014 (EST)

5-key codes[edit]

I can't be sure which order I entered the @Borderlands and the Facebook codes (on PC) but I only have one 5-key code showing for each day (Oct 14 & Oct 17) ... whatever, one of them isn't working and I'm ten keys down.

Remove Alerts Section[edit]

I find the Alert section a waste of space. I opened the page today and there was no alert to today's key. (I added it) But when I scrolled down to the table of keys, there was a new key.

Can we remove the alerts and re-sort the table of keys from newest first to oldest last? This would save space/scrolling and act as both the alert and the key(s).

I agree and wish we would do it but much like with BL2 no one grabs the bull by the hornes and does it or if they do someone restores the page to its original form.

I think having the newest code at the top of the table the way to go so when you click the like at the top of the page it pops you right to the top of the table.

I also think all the completely expired codes should be deleted... after a reasonable amount of time to be sure they are really deleted since in the past when one person would find it didn't work.. maybe by mistake would immediately delete it when ti still worked for many others. Just my two cents

Reset at 10 Golden Keys?[edit]

Backstory: I have 3 accounts that swap between 2 xbox 360's via USB. 2 accounts have xbox live 1 does not. Recently I have had trouble with losing data because I swap between xboxs or at least I think that is why so I stopped that about 2 weeks ago.

Issue/question: Today I logged in and all three accounts had 10 golden keys and their badass ranks reset and I had to log on to each individual character to get them all the badass ranks back. No data was corrupted but the accounts that had over 10 Golden Keys were set down to 10 and my non xbox live account somehow had 10 (even though it does not have a shift account). All together it was a loss of about 30 Golden Keys but I don't care I am posting this in case anyone knows how and why, and if I can avoid such a thing in the future?


Dunno what to tell you. I'm on PC, and I've got all my keys. I know there is, or used to be, at least, a file you could set read only or back up and replace that kept track of the golden keys used to save-scum in BL2. Now, both the golden chests immediately save your key status when you use a key, so if you drop out of the game without saving you've lost the key and the items. Maybe that got corrupted in your saves? -- 22:04, 11 December 2014 (EST)

borderlands pre sequel golden key codes[edit]

For january 19th, the codes for ps3 and xbox are exactly the same ... [yukon-cornelius] verified as correct on Feb 8, 2015. :-)

Someone keeps screwing with the edit "" & "" on some sections[edit]

STOP!!! IT'S SO F*CKING ANNOYING! (very sorry for the language) Take a look at Borderlands Pre-Sequel: Shift Codes#Latest_SHiFT_Codes

  • not sure how all this works but just wanted to let you guys know that the shift code released May 29, 2015 for 5 keys from Borderlands (not the code from Facebook ) just gave me 10 keys. I'm not sure if it just glitches on me or if it's written wrong but yea.

Complaint about new updates that are too late.[edit]

I know that there are new shift codes for the pre-sequel and for Borderlands 2 Because I keep up on Facebook. Yet these web pages have not been updated for over a week now. What's up with that?

Answer: well maybe the guys who offer you these pages have the right to be on holidays some times, no?
2nd Answer: How about you be proactive and add them yourself? This is a community-built page, it's not meant to be a solo effort.