Pending Arkhunter Codes[edit]

Due to excessive vandalism, the Main Article has been protected and is no longer editable. Instead, if you find a new code, please add it to the list below. An administrator will then verify the code, and add it to the Master List of Codes. Corvo 02:29, 27 March 2013 (EDT)

Code Source Credit Date (MM/DD/YYYY) Status
ZZKJ2G Giveaway NeoWolf 3/26/2013 Added to Master List
CHUROO Trion Email ZacharyG 3/26/2013 Duplicate (Code #77)
E1AWGK Video on Youtube Mazinger 3/26/2013 Invalid
T76SN6 Giveaway NeoWolf 3/26/2013 Added to Master List
XWRN9M Giveaway NeoWolf 3/26/2013 Added to Master List
88UPWS Giveaway NeoWolf 3/26/2013 Added to Master List
N/A Meynird 3/27/2013 Added to Master List
U6Q9O7 IGN Microsite Superbike32 3/28/2013 Added to Master List
WomcCQ Blastr websiite QuantumSam 3/28/2013 Duplicate (Code #68)
2SCpqW Ultimate-Edition box Dubstepper 3/31/2013 Added to Master List
AQCKUE Facebook image Serraphin 3/31/2013 Added to Master List
vewmzy facebook seto282003 3/31/2013 Duplicate (Code #145)
W72uro mongol 4/1/2013 Duplicate (Code #92)
HKSBC2 Bennijin 4/1/2013 Added to Master List
WEYA24 Ark Hunter Chronicles Episode 7 Superbike32 4/4/2013 Added to Master List
VS4UME Bennijin 4/4/2013 Added to Master List
UXAD6W Ark Hunter Chronicles Episode 7 (0:53) ChuckieB15 4/5/2013 Added to Master List
PMBFQ3 Ark Hunter Chronicles Episode 7 (1:23) ChuckieB15 4/5/2013 Added to Master List
RREIHH Defiance iPad E-book, Page 5 Sinestro 4/8/2013 Added to Master List
XYQ5LK Defiance iPad E-book, Page 15 Sinestro 4/8/2013 Added to Master List
PB8Q61 Defiance iPad E-book, Page 17 Sinestro 4/8/2013 Added to Master List
HCWBEY Defiance iPad E-book, Page 26 Sinestro 4/8/2013 Added to Master List
YG8EFG Defiance iPad E-book, Page 31 Sinestro 4/8/2013 Added to Master List
VXZKHD Ark Hunter Chronicles:Director's Cut (Initial Image) Superbike32 4/10/2013 Added to Master List
TWVKAS Defiance Launch Trailer - Welcome to The New Age @1:11 on the persons arm. Superbike32 4/11/2013 Added to Master List
BKBMUT Defiance XFinity Ad MtnGeek 4/13/2013 Invalid code, typo of code #100
QU1HL2 GameStop Defiance Poster GameStopGuy2664 4/23/2013 Seems to work should be added the master list.
u00c9S view-source: Richard(Me! :-) ) 25/11/2014 Is this one?

just as a heads up according to – There are currently a total of 220 Arkfall codes released by Trion out in the wilds –


What's Ark Salavage, Lock Box, Firestorm, TMW Hannibal 650R, Thundershock, Scavenger Ego Perk and more?

Bonus Ark Salvage: More salvage from Ark missions

Lock Box: A small container/chest that you can open will give you items possibly rare ones

Firestorm: An Assault Rifle orange quality

TMW Hannibal 650R: A vehicle (you get the Terrestrial Motorworks Hannibal 800R‏ in game which changes colors to nearest other vehicles color. The Defiance site lists 650R but it gives you the 800R )

Thundershock: A shotgun

Scavenger EGO Perk: 10% more ammo from loot ETCTFJ

ArkFall Code Email[edit]

What's the URL of the email for the code CHUROO? We got an image, but are looking for the direct URL for documentation on the official ArkFall code thread on URL on e-mail of code: CHUROO>

Are the codes good only for PC or for consoles as well?[edit]

will codes work for pc, ps3 and xbox. you will be Linking your Console to your Trion Account. so whether you are on a Console or a PC. the Codes Applied will be Ingame for you. on Release

How do I link codes to my Xbox 360 so that I get the bonuses?[edit]

When I play on Xbox 360 how will my game know that I redeemed the codes and give me the bonuses?

You will have serial code in the game package which you will apply to your Trion account to link them together Corvo 15:30, 14 March 2013 (EDT)

When is the next Beta?[edit]

Anyone know when the next Defiance Beta is?

Advance Mission Beta 3

PC: March 22(8am PDT)–March 24(9pm PDT)

PS3: March 19(8am PDT)–March 25(9pm PDT)

XBOX 360: March 22(8am PDT)–March 27(9pm PDT)

I ordered Defiance Deluxe Edition on Steam how do I get beta code?[edit]

I ordered Defiance Deluxe Edition through Steam how do I get beta code?

I think you will get email from Steam just before the Beta GamerM 16:09, 14 March 2013 (EDT)

How about GameStop Orders?

I guess check your paper receipt for code? anyway this was posted on official forums:

"If you pre-order Defiance you will get a guaranteed invite to the final beta event ONLY if you have registered.

If you ordered Defiance through a retailer and you did NOT receive a code with redemption instructions directly from them, please head to and register your account and we will make sure you get an invite to the beta.

Our ultimate goal is to send an invite to everyone who pre-ordered the game."

I've got 120/120 codes, yet no 105 and 120 unlock?[edit]

Basically, I've got the full 120/120 codes now yet the page still says I'm at level 13 and shows that the last two unlocks are not unlocked. I've refreshed the page and logged out/back in and still it shows the same thing. Is this a common occurrence?

Secondly, any code past 120 entered, says the code as been submitted yet the counter remains at 120/120. I really don't want to continue entering codes if it's not going to keep track of them.

A: There is an issue right now with the "My Ego" system. Try again later. Also regarding going over 120, it should keep track of it in your code history from your Trion Account panel.

Update: This problem seems to have been fixed. The "My Ego" system seems to be working normally.

List of Perks for Defiance?[edit]

Q: Not related to Arkfall Codes directly, but where on this wiki can I find a list of all the Ego Perks in Defiance?

A: See: Defiance: Perks

Defiance list of achievements/trophies?[edit]

Q: Where can I find a list of achievements for Defiance?

A: here you go: Defiance Achievements and Trophies

Promo Codes[edit]

New section in Wiki, bookmark it as well so as not to miss any special prizes and promotions:

Defiance: Promo Codes

Code Auto-Poster[edit]

Hi there,

Since I didn't want to paste all 120 codes into the box, I made this handy script to do it for me. Since I know I didn't want to do all that work, I figure there are a bunch of you that don't want to do that work either.

How to use:

  1. Go grab the script and paste it into an editor.
  2. Open whatever network logging tool you like to capture requests. Chrome's dev tools can do this (hit F12 on your new tab)
  3. Go to the My EGO page where you would input the codes.
  4. Using the network logger, find your storeToken and X-GameServer-Channel off a request.
  5. Copy your storeToken into the script. MAKE SURE IT'S INSIDE THE QUOTES
  6. Copy the edited script from your editor into the JavaScript console of your browser.
  7. Hit Enter
  8.  ????
  9. PROFIT!

At this point, you should see the script begin making requests. Do not try to edit the script to make them all at once. I tried that. Trion wasn't very happy with me for a few minutes and none of their sites would even load. After the last request finishes, refresh the page and you'll see all your awesome bonuses.

If you're using Chrome (and probably FF), open a new tab and open the dev tools BEFORE navigating to the My EGO page. This will allow you to capture all the requests made by the page so you can get what you want.


A Helpful Random 23:14, 18 November 2013 (EST)

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