Hidden Metal is one of the Side Quests in LoZ:TotK

Hidden Metal is a Quest (Side Quest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Once inside the shrine, head down the ramp and just over to the left, where you can see a metal ball wreathed in electricity.
  • Use Ultrahand to grab the metal ball and Connect it over onto the metal pole.
  • This will power the nearby large wheel.
  • Go over over to the wheel and ride it up to the level above.
  • Head over to the right where you will see 2 metal spheres.
  • Get 1 swinging with Ultrahand and then grab the other with Ultrahand.
  • When they are close, connect them with Ultrahand.
  • This will have the let you complete the circuit and start the pillars moving just to the right of them.
  • You will want to use Ascend to pass through the pillars, and then over to the right.
  • Turn to the left and take the stairs up to the final level.
  • You will see the barred doorway to the central shrine in the back center, to the left, a large spinning wheel (with a chest sitting just behind it), and 2 metal poles sticking out on the right-hand wall.
  • To reach the chest, go over to the left and to the large wheel.
  • Approach the wheel and wait for a spoke to be within jumping range.
  • Once its aligned, use Rewind to send the wheel in reverse, and jumping onto the spoke.
  • Ride this up to the top and jump up onto the ledge behind the wheel.
  • This will let you reach the chest there.
  • Now, hop down and look to the mechanism spinning the wheel, adjacent to it.
  • Use Ultrahand to grab the metal pole connecting the 2 gears spinning the wheel.
  • Break it loose from the gears and head over to the left.
  • Set this pole on the metal bars to possibly create a circuit.
  • Now, grab the metal sphere with its connected chain with Ultrahand and looping it over the adjacent metal pole coming from the wall.
  • This will complete the circuit and raise the bars, allowing access to the inner chamber.
  • Head over to the now open door and go on through it.
  • Just approach the statues and activate the Glyph to complete the shrine.


  • Visitor to this Shrine of Light, that which imprisons and purifies the ancient evil... You have done well to reach this place... We offer this light that will cleanse you of evil. May the Light of Blessing grant you the strength you seek.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Hidden Metal Video Walkthrough

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