Napanos Yiga Hideout in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. (TearsoftheKingdom)

Napanos Yiga Hideout is a Location/Yiga Hideout in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


  • -1858, -0732, -0527


  • A "small" hideout found in the fenced in area just above a ravine.
  • If not approached from the air involves navigating a "maze."



Reaching the Location[edit]

  • This location is found just to the South of the Napanos Lightroot, and to the East of the Muzasu Lightroot.
  • It is found along the ravine top.
  • It offers plenty of twists that you will need to navigate on the ground level.
  • The entrance can be found at the Southern wall, as well as the Eastern wall; both about the middle.
  • There is an opening here that you can enter into the maze with easily.
  • However, be sure to look over the maze itself to find the Hovering Platform with the flamethrower.
  • Hit it with an arrow to disable it and make it safer for you to explore without risk.
  • Now, carefully head into the maze from the "eastern" entrance.
  • Once inside, you can't climb over the walls since there are spikes on top of each section.
    • This does mean it is very easy to jump to the middle using any Flying Zonai Vehicle or a Zonai Spring to get the height to glide in.
  • Head to the North and get to the corner.
  • Here, turn to the left (South).
  • To the West you can find a number of Barrels and a crate you can break for supplies, but to progress, you will want to head to the South.
  • At the wall, turn to the right (West).
  • Follow the path as it weaves back and forth to reach the center section of the Hideout.
  • To your right (North) is the Hut with the Note and to your left (South) is a track with the Yiga Ninja with the Red Glyph securing the treasure.
  • The Ninja rides on a small cart that is protected along the sides but not the front or back.
  • You can follow the track to find Springs that you can climb on to.
  • Time a jump swing to launch Link up into the air when the Mine Cart with the Yiga Ninja is turning the corner.
  • As you descend, focus aim and hit the Yiga Ninja from one of their vulnerable areas.
  • Follow the track after that into the middle of its looping area.
  • Along the Southern side of it you will find the the Treasure Room.
  • Defeat the Ninja and you will be able to enter it.
  • Inside there, the chest on the left will contain a Large Crystallized Charge.
  • The chest on the right will contain a Yiga Schematic that gives you the Blueprint: Three Wheeler.

Connected Areas[edit]

  • These need to be easily accessible from the location, directly adjacent

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Napanos Yiga Hideout Video Walkthrough