Drunken Brawl event in The Banner Saga

A travel event in The Banner Saga.


In this event, a soldier named Rafnsvartr gets drunk and spills his alcohol on another soldier at the bar, causing a fight. You are given a choice of how to punish the drunkard.

Choices and Consequences[edit]

Coerce a public apology out of him

Tie him up until he dries out

Laugh off the scuffle

Encourage the others to let the issue drop

All choices here basically have the same consequence - they won't keep Rafnsvartr from drinking. However, if you merely encourage the others to stop harping on the issue, you'll spread an image of a weak leader. If you merely laugh it off, the other will be upset that you didn't take the issue seriously. If you coerce a public apology from him, some will grumble about it but nothing bad will happen. If you are looking to get in well with your men, tie him to the tree.

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