Egil in The Banner Saga

Egil is a side character in The Banner Saga, and one who can join up with the player's party, sometimes optionally.

He is very prone to death, and can die without warning during numerous points in the campaign due to decisions made during the "choose your own adventure" text sections.

How to Keep Egil Alive[edit]

Is there a way to keep Egil alive through the game? Many fans have been asking this question as they make it through the early potions of The Banner Saga.

Note that SPOILERS will follow:

Spoiler Mark[edit]

Egil dies in a variety of ways throughout The Banner Saga, some of which are still being discovered and reported.

The first chance that Egil has to die is when Dredge invade Skogr. Playing as Rook, you can choose whether or not to bring Egil and Alette with you into battle. Iver advises against it. Listen to him and only bring Alette. If you bring Egil, he will have his head mushed into paste by a Dredge after the battle. Some have said that you can bring Egil with you, and shoot the Dredge instead.

Towards the early-middle of the game, a mutiny will occur in which Egil will typically die. It is confirmed that there is a way to get him through alive, but nobody has seemed to figure it out as of yet.

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