Rafnsvartr in The Banner Saga

Rafnsvartr is a character who appears repeatedly during the journeying segment of The Banner Saga when playing as Rook.

He is a drunkard and a troublemaker who first makes himself known to Rook by spilling beer on another warrior and starting a fight. The player will have the choice of how to punish Rafnsvartr, including to punish him physically, ban him from drinking alcohol, or ban him from sleeping and camping near the others. However, these options will prove fruitless and he will begin drinking again. At this point, you can choose to keep him on your team, in which case he will continue to cause trouble, or ban him from your camp tied to a tree, in which case you will leave him behind but he will have a chance to meet up with your party again, not entirely happy with his fate in your last meeting.

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