This page covers all choices to be made in the second episode of The Walking Dead.

Note that some spoilers for the episode follow.


Side with Kenny or Larry during your conversation with Mark, or take a neutral stance.

Stop Mark from shooting at the bird, or let him shoot at it. Has no impact.

Examine the leg when you meet the students, or let the moment pass.

Chop off the teacher's leg, or leave him to die.

Choose who to give food to back at the motel.

Choose whether to give the axe to Larry or Mark, or to keep it for yourself. Keeping it for yourself won't really help anything, so it's best to give it away.

Convince Kenny to stay, or encourage him to leave.

Decide whether or not to go to the farm. Either way, you'll end up going.

Fix the swingset in the corner of the farm, or just let it go. Clementine and Duck will appreciate it if you fix the swing.

Carry on optional conversations with all of the members of your group.

In the bandit camp, you can either shoot Jolene or let her speak. Either way, she will die, but it's definitely most useful to let her speak. It still won't be able to stop the coming events from occurring, though.

Stop Clementine and the others from eating the meat inside of the house, or let them eat it. This decision is a delicate one because of the nature of the subject - you don't want to let anybody chow down inside, but it might be impossible to stop at least Duck from taking a bite. The main thing to worry about here is whether or not Clementine eats the meal. The best way to ensure that she does not is to be as blunt as possible, although this may mean attacking the family verbally or physically in front of her. Either way, not a great series of options. Just know that everybody will find out what they are eating no matter how delicately you try to handle the situation.

In the fridge after, you can either kill Larry or give him a chance. No matter what you decide to do, Kenny will kill Larry in the fridge with or without you. Because of this, your choice here is more of a moral point for Lee than a game-changing decision.

In the slaughter room, you can choose which weapon to bring with you. You can grab a hay hook, a stun gun or a sickle. This will affect how you attack the enemies outside, if at all.

You can choose whether or not to kill Dan at this point. Yes, the guy's a monster and may deserve it, but know this - whether you kill him or not, Clementine will be watching. The game just doesn't include that little tidbit before it lets you make the decision.

You can kill Andy or let him go free. Either way, he will be eaten by walkers.

As you head back home, you can side with either Kenny or Lily in the argument.

You will find a car with food and supplies inside of it on the way back. Lily will urge you not to take the supplies from inside, and Clementine will judge you a little if you do. Kenny, on the other hand, will urge practicality - you're ll out of food, and you need the supplies. Nobody's here guarding the car. Just note before you loot the car that the vehicle still has a light on... This decision, while seemingly mundane, is perhaps the most important in the entire season.