Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: Destroy the clampifiers - Of Curse and Claw

From Orcz
Destroy the clampifiers 0/4 is an objective in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (TinyTinasWonderlands).

Destroy the clampifiers 0/4 is an objective in the Side Mission, Of Curse and Claw in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands


  • Time to begin with the destruction of the Clampifiers.
  • Head to the Southwest from the ship you met Captain Claw
  • Climb up the ledges nearby and look to the Southern Wall.
  • You will see a (massive) orange glowing shell on the wall that you will need to destroy with any gun (or spell).
  • Turn to the West to find the next glowing shell (Clampifiers).
  • Blast it to destroy the shell and finish off half the Clampifiers.
  • Continue to the West from there through the cavern in front of you.
  • Getting into the next large cavern where you will find the next 2 Clampifiers.
  • Head to the Northwest, where you can see a trail leading toward a temple door (*with some Coral Crabs guarding the area.
  • There is another Clampifier at ground level to the North, nearby the temple door.
  • Just above them you can find 1 of the Clampifiers below the ledge to the West.
  • Destroying all these will lower the spellcasting abilities of the Slither Sisters.