Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Shift Codes list and information

This page will have the list of Shift Codes for Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. Shift Codes can be redeemed at the SHiFT rewards website or within the game menus. For other games:

Borderlands, go here: Borderlands: Golden Key

Borderlands 2, go here: Borderlands 2: Golden Key

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, go here: Borderlands Pre-Sequel: Shift Codes

Borderlands 3, go here: Borderlands 3: Shift Codes or Borderlands 3: Golden Key


  • SHiFT Codes are special promotional codes released by Gearbox Software and other sources, some of which are only active for a few hours before expiring, while others have been valid for years.
  • Entering SHiFT Codes can reward you all sorts of stuff! Mostly just golden keys, but you might be rewarded with something else, other than just golden keys, such as:
    • Special Edition Custom Skins & Heads
    • Class & Grenade Mods
    • Guns, Shields, and even Relics!
  • All SHiFT Codes with white checkmarks (✅) should be valid on the platform. SHiFT codes with a "no entry" red circle (⛔) if the platform is unavailable. SHiFT codes with a bold question mark (❓) are unknown at this time. All 3 symbol-characters are from the "Segoe UI Symbol" font.
  • SHiFT Codes may eventually expire. When a code expires, DO NOT REMOVE ANY CODES. Only mark that the code was expired with color text of red SHiFT Code example in the "Shift Code" column.
  • If a code is successfully redeemed past the expiration date, change the "Expected Expiration" column back to "Unknown", and add a white checkmark to the platform(s) redeemed.
  • If you get the error "Failed to redeem your SHiFT code" from the SHiFT website ... then it's possible you've already redeemed that code for that particular platform. Check your "Redeemed Rewards" list on the SHiFT Rewards page to determine if you entered a code for a similar prize between the Issue & Expiration dates.
  • If you don't see a platform listed for a "universal" code valid across all platforms, then verify within the SHiFT website's "Gaming Platforms" page that you have linked a valid account to that platform. Most platforms (with the exception of Stadia?) will allow a free account creation that can be linked to SHiFT. :-)

Please add new SHiFT Codes at the end of the table. Thanks!

Shift Codes[edit]

Source Reward(s) Issue
SHiFT code Xbox PSN PC:
@Borderlands Skeleton Key 2022.03.25 2022.03.31 JBRTT-BZH6F-CC3W5-3TTTB-XB9HH
@GearboxOfficial Skeleton Key 2022.03.26 2022.03.27 B36T3-KSZ6F-K5TKK-JJ3B3-B6B3J
@DuvalMagic Skeleton Key 2022.03.30 2022.04.07 TB6BT-SWJCS-WKTK5-3B3B3-5BJW9
@dgSHiFTCodes Skeleton Key 2022.04.01 2022.04.08 BTX3T-6RTWZ-K5BW5-3BBB3-3TFCZ
@dgSHiFTCodes Skeleton Key 2022.04.01 2022.04.08 BTFTB-RSJKZ-WWB5C-T3JJT-BS36S
@DuvalMagic Skeleton Key 2022.04.04 2022.04.14 TBX3T-96TCZ-K53WC-BBTBB-THXJT
@dgSHiFTCodes Skeleton Key 2022.04.11 2022.04.18 B3F3J-3S3KZ-CWBWC-BTT3T-SHF5F
@dgSHiFTCodes Skeleton Key 2022.04.12 Unknown JJRJB-CS3WZ-WWTW5-33BJT-JZ9RJ
@dgSHiFTCodes Skeleton Key 2022.04.14 2022.04.21 TB6JJ-SST5Z-5KT5C-JBJB3-XHS9K
@dgSHiFTCodes 10 Skeleton Keys 2022.04.21 2022.04.28 BTXT3-W3H6J-6CBCW-JBTJJ-XZW9F
@dgSHiFTCodes Skeleton Key 2022.04.21 2022.05.01 3BRJT-BB55Z-KW3C5-J3BJT-R3FRT
@dgSHiFTCodes Skeleton Key 2022.04.30 2022.05.05 3T63J-FWWKS-WKJWW-BJJTJ-TB3FZ
@dgSHiFTCodes Skeleton Key 2022.05.05 2022.05.12 3TX3T-5T6CH-KKB5W-T3BTB-JCR53
@DuvalMagic Skeleton Key 2022.05.12 2022.05.19 T3R33-9BRWH-KKBKW-B3TTB-36TBF
@PlayWonderlands 3 Skeleton Keys 2022.05.20 Unknown W9CJT-5XJTB-RRKRS-FTJ3T-BTRKK
@DuvalMagic Skeleton Key 2022.05.26 2022.06.02 TBRJJ-TW659-W5B5C-T3B3J-3BTBK
@dgShiftCodes Skeleton Key 2022.06.03 2022.06.09 3BRTJ-5K659-K5355-BTB3T-633F3
@playwonderlands tiktok 3 Skeleton Keys 2022.06.21 Unknown 5ZWTJ-XXBT3-FXWRZ-XJJJT-96XZ6
@DuvalMagic Skeleton Key 2022.07.28 2022.08.04 TBRT3-KZ6C9-5KBCC-JBT3J-CKJRH
@DuvalMagic 3 Skeleton Keys 2022.10.28 2022.11.03 3BRBB-36HWS-CKJCC-3BTTT-K53HX
@playwonderlands 3 Skeleton Keys 2022.12.02 2022.12.?? TJRB3-CKZRB-F5JK5-B3BBB-3FZC9
@playwonderlands 5 Skeleton Keys 2022.12.14 2022.12.31 J3FJT-BWKSJ-9JBXK-T33T3-RT966
@playwonderlands Nightshade SMG 2022.12.15 2022.12.22 J36J3-K5WZJ-STBXW-3BJBJ-BR93C
@playwonderlands Ye Olde Shimmy Emote 2022.12.16 2023.01.06 BTRJ3-RWCH3-ZB3XK-JJJ33-K6H95
@playwonderlands Astral Body Pattern 2022.12.17 2023.01.06 3TFJ3-SCC93-HJBRK-33JTB-F9XXK
@playwonderlands Tank's Top Headgear 2022.12.18 2023.01.06 T36B3-JRKST-HBT6K-BT33B-ZBSJC
@playwonderlands Glacial Cascade Spell 2022.12.19 2023.01.06 B363J-K6K9J-ZB36C-3TB3T-R9Z55
@playwonderlands 5 Skeleton Keys 2022.12.20 2023.01.06 BTRB3-FRCS3-SBB65-JBTJ3-ZFKK3
@playwonderlands Ducal Diamond Armor color 2022.12.21 2023.01.06 TBF3T-ZXW93-ZBJFW-JJ33B-3TF3Z
@playwonderlands Cryo Swordsplosion 2022.12.22 2023.01.06 TBFTB-JHC93-9J36K-3T3BB-Z6X99
@playwonderlands Pony Ride Emote 2022.12.23 2023.01.06 J36TJ-WS5S3-STJR5-TJJT3-9FS9B
@playwonderlands Flower Wreath Headgear 2022.12.24 2023.01.06 BBX33-69CZJ-STTXW-T3J3J-BHXJ6
@playwonderlands Fragment Rain SMG 2022.12.25 2023.01.06 J3F33-9HCSJ-9TTR5-33BJ3-5XKBW
@playwonderlands 3 Skeleton Keys 2022.01.20 2023.01.26 JJRTJ-9HZCS-C53CC-BJBTJ-BXXSH
@playwonderlands Swordsplosion 2022.01.26 Unknown JJRTJ-J9RZT-H3T65-BTJ3J-J3FTZ
@playwonderlands Reign of Arrows 2023.02.14 2023.02.20 TTF33-K9XH3-ST3RC-TTJT3-RW66W
@playwonderlands Gluttony 2023.02.21 2023.02.28 3TX3T-R9XST-933RW-3BBTT-WJBCC
@playwonderlands 3 Skeleton Keys 2023.03.03 2023.03.09 JTX3T-WFZXJ-XW3CC-JTTBB-K3F56
@PlayWonderlands Buffmeister Shield 2023.03.09 2023.03.20 BTXJT-SHR93-S3TFK-JJ3TJ-SFCWH
https://shift.orcicorn.com/shift-code/33xjb-c6kst-65tww-jjjtj-s36sw/ 3 Skeleton Keys 2023.03.09 2023.03.16 33XJB-C6KST-65TWW-JJJTJ-S36SW
https://shift.orcicorn.com/shift-code/3bxtb-jt9hb-9jb6c-jbtjb-zfxss/ Live Wire Weapon 2023.03.14 2023.03.27 3BXTB-JT9HB-9JB6C-JBTJB-ZFXSS

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