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Top Drop[1] is a 5x3 online slot game, the third game that is being developed by the independent FairWin team. The plot focuses on smugglers transporting goods through the border. The players will have the opportunity to try this game on the developers' site and soon it will be introduced as part of a gambling platform on blockchain.


The action of Top Drop takes place on the American continent of the 1970’s, in the time of Pablo Escobar’s Medellín cartel and its success. The player is involved in transporting illegal goods.

Game Features[edit]

The game has 3 phases:
Phase 1 - the player tanks up his plane (for this purpose, he needs to get Fuel symbols combinations).
Phase 2 - the plane is filled with bags full of the product, which later must be dropped at certain locations in the country.
Phase 3 - the player is engaged in a police pursuit and has to shoot back (by landing winning combinations with Gun symbols).
Every time a game cycle of 3 phases is completed, the player receives new vehicles and money. Each phase may lead to a bonus game, where the player solves the police problem  —  either by getting away from them in a chase, or he might try to pay them off.




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