Defeat Grapplavine is a Quest in Trials of Mana (TrialsofMana).

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Defeat Grapplavine Video Walkthrough


  • Time to take on the Grapplavine itself.
  • This creature can summon in Silkspitter.
  • For now, it fights from one spot, using Poison Bubble, and Sleep Flower.
  • Fight on through, using Class Strikes to get some good damage in.
  • Once you get the Grapplavine down by 25%, it will sprout its proper head and rip its feet free.
  • Now Grapplavine is mobile and has a few more attacks.
  • At this point, it is crucial to start hitting the Head target.
  • Watch out for its Bite attack, this does 200-400 damage with a single attack.
  • It will more frequently use its Hammer Buds as well, so watch the areas that the seeds land and begin their countdown.
  • In the final 25% of its health, it is constantly be using Hammer Bud and frequently use Bite.
  • Defeating the Grapplavine reveals it had eaten Dryad

Next Quest[edit]

Open the portal to the sanctuary