Head to Cascade Cavern is a Quest in Trials of Mana (TrialsofMana).

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Head to Cascade Cavern Video Walkthrough


  • Outside of Jadd, you will be brought into the Rabite Forest.
  • Just outside is a Golden Goddess Statue, which lets you get fully restored HP/MP, but you will need to deal with a few Howlers.
  • From there, head to the South, up the stairs to encounter more Rabites.
  • Continue to the South and down the next set of stairs to encounter a Assassinant.
  • Defeat it and immediate goto the tree to the East of the stairs.
  • There is a sparkle with an Item Seed and keep going to the East to find a chest with 40 Lucre that is "guarded" by a few Rabites.
  • A green pot can be found along the eastern side of this area for some HP restoration.
  • There are a few more Rabites in the area, continue to the central part of the Southern wall to find another Sparkle that is 2 Lucre.
  • To the West, along the Southern side, is a Blue Pot.
  • Along the Northern side in the Western portion, in front of the rock next to the tree is another Sparkle that has 1 Candy.
  • Go over the bridge to fight a few Rabite and a Assassinant.
  • On the Southern side is a Sparkle with a Medical Herb.
  • Keep going to the West, you will come to a split in the path.
  • To continue toward the goal, go to the South.
  • Going to the Northwest gives a few more items and a few more fights.
  • Along this Northwestern path you can find a Sparkle behind the first rock to the West.
  • This Sparkle has an Item Seed.
  • In the Northwestern corner you can find a chest with 50 lurce.
  • Now, head back to the path leading South.
  • You will find another break in the path, going to the West with another Golden Goddess Statue for you to Save and Heal at.
  • Going across the bridge now gives you a better chance to collect everything than when you do this area later.
  • A pair of Rabites and a Mushboom are there.
  • Go to the South and over to the West, going up the stairs to the ledges.
  • On the left middle ledge you will find a Sparkle with 10 Lurce.
  • Continue to the West from there ,down the next set of stairs, fighting the Assassinant and Rabites.
  • At the base of the stairs, along the Northern wall are some pots that can have some Candy in them.
  • Go South after that to fight a few more Rabites to get the next Sparkle that is an Item Seed.
  • Go West after that to the strange Gargoyle style statue.
  • Behind it are a pair of Pots: Green Pot and Purple Pot to restore some MP and HP.
  • Money can drop from here.
  • To the East of the Statue is a sparkle that has ...
  • Going South here leads to another Split.
  • Start by going across the bridge to the East and to the end of this path.
  • You will find a chest with Chocolate inside.
  • Go back across the bridge and go up the stairs.
  • Continue to the Tree to the West to find another Sparkle that has 6 Lurce, after you defeat the Mushbooms.
  • Head to the Eastern end of this area to find a person who will be remarking on a strange light that has been showing up at night.
  • Backtrack to the Golden Gooddess Statue and start back to the South.
  • Defeat the Rabites and Mushboom here and turn to the East.
  • There is a Sparkle here behind the tree that has an Item Seed.
  • Across the way are stairs leading to the East, head toward them.
  • Next to the base of the stairs are a pair of Red Pots that can have a Magic Rope inside them.
  • Take the stairs up and into the ledge path.
  • Continue up the stairs to find the cavern entrance leading toward the Cascade Cavern and the Holy City Wendel.
  • Attempting to go through the Cavern entrance will have the Main Character get pushed back.

Next Quest[edit]

Find a way to break the barrier