Investigate Pedda is a Quest in Trials of Mana (TrialsofMana).

Video Walkthrough[edit]

[ Investigate Pedda Video Walkthrough]


  • Go forward and head through the archway in the wall.
  • Once inside, go over to the East and go up the short set of stairs to the South of the Inn.
  • On top of the remains of the stairs you can find a Sparkle with 450 Lucre.
  • Step into the water to the Southwest of the Inn to find a Sparkle with 560 lucre.
  • Head to the Northwestern stairs and take them upwards.
  • At the top of the stairs, look to the South to find a chest with Gold Item Seeds.
  • After that, head over to the Inn and go inside.
  • Approach and talk with the veiled counter to be told you can rest using the beds.
  • Pay (or rest for free having found Li'l Cactus) to rest until morning.
  • When the party awakens, the building is looking to be in much better repair.
  • Going over to the East from the Inn will lead you to the Weapons Shop.
  • Search the water nearby the Inn along the Northern side of it to find a Sparkle with 1 Chocolate.
  • Head to the South and take the stairs up to reach the top of the walls.
  • Go over to the Southwestern corner of this area to find Li'l Cactus along the edge of the wall.
  • Go around the building here to the Southwestern side of it to find a Sparkle with 280 lucre.
  • From there, drop back down to ground level and head into the Northwestern corner of this level.
  • Look behind the trees here to find a chest with a ??? Seed.
  • From there, go over to the East and talk with the person just in front of the stairs along the Northern side of the ground level.
  • After that, take the stairs up to reach the top of the wall.
  • On the top of the wall, head to the Northeastern corner to find a small child here to talk with.
  • From there, go back to the Northern stairs on the ground level and through the double doors.
  • Once inside, go talk with the old man between the two sets of stairs.
  • He will talk about the stone tablet here and translate the ancient text for the class.
  • After that, the team will need to find the Mana Stone Scholar in this area.

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