Search for the elemental of Wood is a Quest in Trials of Mana (TrialsofMana).

Video Walkthrough[edit]

[ Search for the elemental of Wood Video Walkthrough]


  • Go forward and up the slope toward the next destination.
  • At the first split in the path, you will find Ladeebs and a Silkspitter (armored) guarding it.
  • Start by going over to the East to explore this section.
  • There are a few Mushglooms here.
  • Following the path over to the West from there will yield a Sparkle with Silver Item Seed.
  • Continue upwards, using the nearby stairs, to find another fight with 2 Silkspitters (armored) and 2 Ladeebs.
  • Head over to the West and explore the path this way.
  • Take the stairs upwards to the North to find a Golden Goddess Statue.
  • Go over to the East from here to find a Sparkle with Medical Herb and find Li'l Cactus is on the ledge here.
  • From there, back to the North and return to the Golden Goddess Statue.
  • heal, Save, and then head to the North to trigger a fight while searching for Dryad.

Next Quest[edit]

Defeat Grapplavine