Archery pro - assassin tower rush


'Vichitra Games' brings a very exciting new game, its an ultimate killing machine. User's kingdom is being attacked by assassins. They are given the task to kill user's king. User's king is hidden inside the tower and the task is to protect this tower by killing all the assassins. User need to be a pro in archery to master in this game. User got the bow and arrow along with two powers to defend the tower Just nock, loose & kill as many assassins as possible, its that simple. As the game progresses assassins start rushing towards the tower aggressively.

User can use following two powers in this game

1. Burn Them- Use flame power to bring fire on your arrow. Then aim your arrow at any of the three torches and shoot it. If you hit the torch, then it will get ignited and start burning. All assassins colliding to this torch will get killed as long as torch is burning

2. Kill them- Use arrow power to shoot 3 arrows from behind the tower, it will kill all the assassins on the screen in one shot

As you kill more and more assassins, the arrow and power reload time will reduce up to 50% of its original time. It will help you to shoot arrows faster and use your powers faster too. There are two leaderboards in this game. One leaderboard is for highest kills in one game and second leaderboard is for total number of kills. So, kill more assassins to gain top spot. This is an addictive killing machine.

Archery pro - assassin tower rush is available for free on App Store & Google Play Store


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