Ariku, I can attempt to help. What is going on?

Hi, to prevent further vandalism, the Star Citizens promo code page is protected and now can only be editable by registered users who've been a member of the wiki for more than a few days and have dome some edits. We are also adding a new criteria:

"Priority placement in the list will be given to those who are active editors of the Star Citizen wiki. This means contributing to pages OTHER than this Promo Code page. While at admin discretion, several significant edits and new page additions each month should suffice. Those who are not active may have their codes moved to the bottom, while those active can be moved up. Thanks for your contributions to the wiki"

I see your last contributions to other star citizen pages were over 4 years ago, when you get a chance please make additional significant contributions to Star Citizen pages to bring it up to date, this can include edits and new page additions. Thanks.

Axton (talk) 02:52, 4 December 2021 (EST)