Maze Rescue[edit]

Enter a world of underground maze puzzles where every turn decides your fate in the free puzzle game Maze Rescue. It's up to you to navigate your way through a maze of tunnels and save your friends.

It all started when Anthony and his friends successfully raided a picnic. But now they need you to help solve maze puzzles and collect treats stolen from the picnic.




Maze Rescue is easy to play, simply draw a line with your finger and Anthony follows. The only rule is you cant cross the line, so there's no going back. The mazes vary from level to level and also have different objectives, from the classic start to end maze to collecting items stolen from a picnic. Levels get harder the more your progress with time limits and larger more complex mazes to explore. On top of that Anthony's friends join him and you have to guide multiple ants around the maze, each with their own objectives. Later levels include boosters that let you tackle the maze in fun new ways. From blowing up new tunnel entrances with a Cookie Crumble to teleporting to other parts of the maze with a Donut Vortex and more.

Maze Rescue is Free on the Apple App Store and available for iPhone & iPad with iOS 8 and up.

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