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[edit] Join/Create A Game

To play a multiplayer game, click on the “Multi” button on the panel at the bottom left of your screen. You will see a list of multiplayer sessions that are waiting for players. In order to join the game, select a session and click on the “Join” button on the bottom of the panel.

If you want to host a game, click on “Create” to host the game.

[edit] Game type

Select the number of players you would like to play with. Note that you can change the settings afterward.

[edit] Game visibility

If you select “Private”, players will not see the session on the multiplayer menu and then cannot join you. You have to invite your friends to join the game.

[edit] Game name

Enter the name of your game

[edit] Victory Conditions

After validating the global settings, you enter the lobby where you can set the game settings and the associated victory conditions.

[edit] Map Selection

Map Selection: Once you’re in the lobby, you can select the map for the game. The availability of the maps depends on the number of players selected in the Host Game settings as the size of the map is linked to the number of players who can play on it. You can also choose the type of camp in the opposition option:

[edit] NATO

All players will play with NATO.

[edit] Pact

All players will play with Pact.

[edit] Confrontation

Players can choose NATO or Pact.

[edit] Launch

Before to launch the game, make sure you have select the good army deck and that all players are ready to play

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