Aiden Pearce at the beginning of the game at the Merlaut Hotel in Watch_Dogs

Aiden Pearce is the protagonist in the game Watch Dogs


  • "The Vigilante"
  • "The Fox"
  • "Nicholas Crispin"


Age 38
Nationality Irish-American
Spouse Nicole Anne Pearce
Children Jackson Pearce,Lena Pearce
Salary 63,900$(seen in dressed in peels and hope is a sad thing.)
Occupation Software Engineer (according to the gameplay trailer.)
Home House in St. Louis,Missourie

"I don't look back anymore. I don't regret. I look forward. Everything is connected, and I'll use that to expose, to protect, and if necessary… to punish." ―Aiden embracing his role as "the Vigilante" right before the ending credits. Aiden Pearce (also known as "The Vigilante" and "The Fox" by citizens and the media) is the protagonist of Watch Dogs. He is a highly skilled grey hat hacker who has access to the CTOS of Chicago using a highly specialized device, the Profiler, to which Clara Lille later adds more capabilities.

Because his actions led to a family tragedy, Aiden has taken to a personal crusade against the powers that be. His obsession with security, surveillance, and control borders on the paranoid and dangerous, extending to monitoring his own family (unbeknownst to them).


Nicole Anne Pearce
Nicole Anne Pearce(Wife)
Jackson Kent Pearce
Jackson Kent (Son)
Lena Violet Pearce
Lena Violet (Daughter)


  • Owl Motel
  • House in High Grove
  • The Bunker
  • The Silo
  • Blume shipping container


  • Sonarus lx
  • Luciano
  • Vespid 5.2
  • Tributary 1500
  • Polar
  • Scarfati GT


Aiden is an Irish man with green eyes, brown mid-length hair, and light facial hair. While having his mugshot taken, it is shown that he is 6' 2" (1.88 m) and appears to be of mesomorphic build. In the trailers, Aiden wears a grey, long-sleeve zip-neck sweater, usually un-tucked, though his clothes can be changed to several other jackets of similar style. On top of the sweater, Aiden wears a modern, brown, knee-length trench coat. Aiden wears dark grey trousers and brown boots. He also has a deep, gravelly voice.

Aiden also keeps a neckwarmer scarf tucked into the neck of his sweater, which he may pull up so that it covers his face up to the bridge of his nose. Aiden also wears a dark brown cap with a logo that can be debated to be either a stylized "Nexus" logo or a fox.


"It's impossible to say for certain what he's really like. He masks his personality. And he's very good at it. It isn't like someone playing poker. This is a very smart man who is looking to gain the upper hand in every situation."

Aiden grew up learning about computers. When he became an adult, he used the knowledge he had gathered growing up to commit clandestine scams. Pearce has a background as a criminal which has given him links to the underground of Chicago knowing the wrong people for all the wrong reasons.

Aiden is a protective person, wanting to keep the people he cares about close and safe. He is very protective of his family and will do anything to keep them safe. His compassion for his family is strong enough to become a vigilante and extradite revenge on those who have harmed them. Aiden is very calm under pressure, able to keep a clear mind and work through problems systematically and with composure. His approach is often light-hearted, especially in situations that can lead to his own death or that of others. He has also shown himself to be quite athletic, capable of performing parkour to escape the police and sprinting with speed and agility. His physical strength is also demonstrated when chasing down criminals and silencing them with his telescopic baton.