Escape the police in Watch_Dogs

"Escape the police" is a mission objective in the campaign mission Bottom of the Eighth in Watch Dogs

(NOTE: This is the first time you have to escape the police in the game, but there will be other missions in which you will have to escape to police again.)


Parker Square
Parker Square


The police first search for you in a circle perimeter marked on the minimap, and if you have not exited the perimeter on time, they will locate you and patrol units will chase you.

So if the police are still in "search mode", try and get out of the circled area as soon as you can! If you manage to get out of the area on time, the search will be called off.

If the police are currently actively pursuing you, and you cannot lose them through "normal" driving, there are some things you can do:

  • Brake and change directions constantly
  • Run past intersections and hack the traffic lights to turn them all green so that all cars will enter the intersection and block the police. This is one of the first and only traffic hacks you can do early in the game. Later, you will be able to get skills that let you activate barricades, raise bridges, open and close garage doors in which you can hide in, and more.
  • Find a freeway and take the road out of the city
  • Find one of the canals and take a boat and use that to escape


  • Try not to hit civilians. This will decrease your reputation, and also witnesses will report you to 911 making it harder for you to escape.
  • It is ok for you to leave Parker Square and escape to other districts. For the next objective, however, you will have to go to a location in this district, so try not to get too far.
  • On PC, press "E" to leave your car

Bottom of the Eighth[edit]