Examine Maurice's phone for information in Bottom of the Eighth in Watch_Dogs

"Examine Maurice's phone for information" is the second mission objective in the campaign mission Bottom of the Eighth in Watch Dogs


Maurice Vega is a hitman.

He was responsible for the death of Aiden's niece, Lena.

It starts with Aiden who interrogates Maurice Vega to try and find who ordered the job, but it seems like Maurice is afraid to tell

Maybe Maurice's Phone has the info Aiden needs?


Locate Maurice's Phone

It is in the same Locker Room where Maurice was, close to where he was laying down

Hack the phone to proceed.


Locker Room
Locker Room
May Stadium
May Stadium


Maurice Vega
Maurice Vega

Hackable Objects[edit]

Maurice's Phone
Maurice's Phone

Bottom of the Eighth[edit]

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