Leave the police search area in Watch_Dogs

"Leave the police search area" is a mission objective in the campaign mission Bottom of the Eighth in Watch Dogs


After escaping from May Stadium, Aiden must know leave the police search area


The Sway San Pub
The Sway San Pub
Parker Square
Parker Square


You need to get out of the perimeter in which the police is searching for you.

Jordi has left you a Getaway car in a garage north of the stadium. It will be marked on your minimap with a yellow icon. You can choose to use that car, or you could ignore it and escape on your own, using some other car.

If you want to use Jordi's car, after leaving the stadium head north towards the garage and enter it to find a red car waiting for you there. When you enter the car, the garage doors will open, drive out and start escaping from the police.






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