Nicole Pearce ("Nicky") in Watch_Dogs

Nicole Anne Pearce is a character in the game Watch Dogs

She is Aiden's sister.


Age 33
Nationality American
Aiden(It is revealed in bad blood that the father of Jackson and Lena is Aiden)
Children Jackson, 9 - Lena, 6
Salary 44,588$
Occupation Event Planner
Home Mansion in St. Louis,Missourie

"Everything I know is in Chicago. It's my home. And now, we just start again? I thought things would be different. I hoped..." ―Nicky to Aiden


Nicky's House
Aiden's Mansion


Aiden Pearce
Aiden Pearce(Partner)
Jackson Kent Pearce
Jackson Kent (Son)
Lena Violet Pearce
Lena Violet (Daughter)


Nicole is a blonde woman with her hair tied to a ponytail. She wears the same clothes during all her appearances: striped shirt with a jean jacket and yellow pants.


Unlike her brother, Nicole is not obsessed by the death of Lena and avenging it. She is seen to be concerned on Aiden's violent measures to avenge the ones who were involved in Lena's death, and also tells him numerous times to stop. She also seems to care about people all around her, such as when she accidentally shot a worker, Nicole wanted to call 911 and help him, despite there being Fixers all around her.