Aiden at the Lower Souvenir Court of May Stadium in Watch_Dogs

"Reach the upper level" is a mission objective in the campaign mission Bottom of the Eighth in Watch Dogs


You have made it to the Lower Souvenir Court of May Stadium

You now need to proceed to the upper level of the stadium


May Stadium
May Stadium

Start Location[edit]

Lower Souvenir Court
Lower Souvenir Court

End Location[edit]

Upper VIP Lounge
Upper VIP Lounge


Police Officer
Police Officer


From the Loading Bay you enter the Lower Souvenir Court

There is a cop here

You must follow the onscreen instructions to craft a lure and use that lure to distract the guard

Once cop is distracted, sneak past using cover, jump onto the escalator, and go up towards the Upper VIP Lounge

Take cover against the bar. Use your profiler and scan the various people here. Some of them, such as Bradley Caughlin can be hacked and you can go for their bank accounts, stealing money which you can then withdraw from the ATM at the nearby corridor.

Some notable NPCs here include two Black Viceroy gang members (Jerome Richards and Dedre Jackson), as well as the notorious Joseph DeMarco, Business Manager for Quinn.

Once you are done having fun, go down the corridor and behind the bar, and get to the entrance to the May Stadium Museum (glass doors)

Bottom of the Eighth[edit]

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