Sneak past the police in Bottom of the Eighth in Watch_Dogs

"Sneak past the police" is a mission objective in the campaign mission Bottom of the Eighth in Watch Dogs


After leaving the Locker Room of May Stadium, Aiden must now Sneak past the police


May Stadium
May Stadium

Start Location[edit]

Maintenance Corridor
Maintenance Corridor

End Location[edit]

Loading Bay
Loading Bay


Police Officer
Police Officer


Follow the on-screen prompts to take cover behind different objects ("C" on pc)

Try to stay in cover

Don't go too close to the police officer

If they spot you, your mission will fail.

Feel free to sneak past the officers and explore the Maintenance Office which has some cash and crafting components inside. You can hack the Pitching Machine in the Maintenance Room to distract the Police Officer guarding the area so that you can sneak into the office.

Tip: you can move from one cover to another by pressing the cover button:


When you reach the first couple of police officers, wait for them to go investigate the body, then sneak left and up the ramp:


Climb a big garbage can to arrive at a door.


When you get to the door, it is closed. Pull out your profiler which will suggest a course of action.

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