Gadgets & Weapons: 3D Printer

The 3D Printer is an object in Watch Dogs 2.

(HQ) Visit a hackerspace to access the 3D Printer.

  • Use the 3D Printer to craft the remote-controlled Jumper, the Quadcopter, and new weapons.
  • You can equip two different weapons, excluding the Stun Gun, which is always equipped.

Items List[edit]

Name Price Tips
2EZ Stun Gun FREE Infinite Ammo
4N00bs Pistol FREE Use Sparingly
Protocol Pistol (ULC) FREE
2D Print Pistol (ULC) FREE Palette swap pistol
Jumper FREE Very handyt for missions
Bullet Hell Shotgun $13,500 Basic shotgun
DOT_EXE Rifle $18,900 Good range, bad accuracy
Spear Phish Sniper $24,300 Use Sparingly at range
Core Dump Pistol $40,500 Very silent
DDoS Shotgun $40,500 Penetrates materials and Auto-hack afterwards
DOT_FILE Rifle $43,200 Quick bursts and Autohack afterwards
Goodbye, World Shotgun $43,200 Massive damage at close range
Help Desk Den ial Pistol $45,900 Close combat
/END Sniper $64,800 Use sparingly from range
Quadcopter $67,500 Buy as soon as you can
Chameleon Copter (ULC) $67,500 Buy as soon as you can
YourBoySerge Sniper $70,200 Awesome sniper rifle.
HHOS Rifle $86,400 Noisy
Zero Day Rifle $99,900 Very silent
CTRL-ALT-DEL Launcher $105,300 Mass damage
WTB Stun Launcher $118,800 Mass stunning

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • RC devices and weapons can receive custom paint jobs.



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