Bad Publicity Mission

"Bad Publicity" is one of the side Operations in Watch Dogs 2.

How to get[edit]

Hack onto the phone of any one of these three NPCs:

See maps and screenshots below for help finding the operation intel.


  • An internet troll named PrO-Lapz has been using DedSec's tag while swatting internet personalities. This is the kind of thing that makes us all look bad, so we're going to go deal with him.





Hackable Objects[edit]


  • Get the operation intel from either the NPC outside Brizo's Seafood Restaurant, the NPC in Chinatown, or the one at the Palace of Fine Arts
  • Drive to Pr0-Lapz's Apartment in North Beach.
  • Go around the building to where the Air Conditioning unit is (near the blue-painted wall) and use it to climb up to the lower roof. Run south on the lower roof and climb to the gazebo, and finally up to the roof where the cTOS box is.
  • Hack into Pr0-Lapz's phone to dial 911.
  • Hack into the tower PC to upload a scary picture causing Pr0-Lapz to scream, which will worry the 911 operator who is on the line.
  • Hack the E-Cig to overcharge it and make it pop, so that it sounds like a gunshot, further alarming the 911 operator who now radios about a 246 in progress.
  • While Pr0-Lapz is yelling at his monitors about killing someone, hack into his router to interript his internet connection. He yells curses at which point the 911 operator declares this as a code 11.
  • At this stage the SWAT team (or just the SFPD, depending on what objects you hacked) arrive on the scene.



Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Hacking into all the items in Pr0-Lapz's Apartment, as listed in the walkthrough above, yields a very fun outcome, but is purely optional. You still beat the mission even if you just hack into the apartment and observe, without doing anything.
    • If you hack into only a few of the items or mess up the timing, you will get a different ending, such as a community officer knocking on his door, but still it will scare him and you complete the mission.


  • (Easter Egg) The gamer who is swatting other people on the internet is playing "Rainbow Six Siege", another game by Ubisoft that is actually based on S.W.A.T missions.

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