Cyber Driver is one of the main missions in WatchDogs 2

"Cyberdriver" is one of the Main Operations in Watch Dogs 2.


Marcus! Guys! The CyberDriver trailer just dropped!


  • Hook Motion Pictures (HMP) has released a trailer for a new action thriller: CyberDriver
  • Next plan! Meet with Sitara's contact to find the car.
  • Wrench is looking into the car's schematics.
  • Lights! VR goggles! Action! DedSec's ready to show them what this car can really do in the hands of hackers.


  • Hack and Run
    • Watch the movie trailer at the Hackerspace
    • Drive to HMP Studios
    • Hack into HMP's Studio 3
    • Steal the movie script
    • Download studio emails
    • Leave the area
  • Get Smart Car
    • Meet with the paparazzi
    • Steal the car
  • Not So Smart Car
  • Cyber Stunt Driver
    • Meet with Wrench
    • Perform the stunts remotely





  • Go to the Hackerspace and talk to one of the NPCs there to watch the trailer.
  • Drive to Hook Motion Pictures.
  • Enter the complex (easiest way is to jump the low stone fence) and head to Studio 3.
  • Hack the gate to the Studio



Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • This is sort of an introduction mission, which will unlock other missions.
  • The dude you talk to in the end of this mission always looks the same, but he has a random name, occupation, and income. For example, in the screenshot used on this page, his name is "Rennie, Deon", he trains guide dogs, is a shift supervisor, and has an annual income of $49,900.
  • The person of interest for this mission can't be hacked, only talked to.


  • This whole mission is an Easter egg parodying the popular "Knight Rider" series from the 80s.

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