DriverSF App in WatchDogs 2

Driver SF is an App in Watch Dogs 2.

This app gives you missions that involve picking up pedestrians and getting them to their destination.


Become a driver in the City by the Bay. Get paid and gain followers for every ride you complete.


  • PICK UP clients and DRIVE them to their destinations!

How to get[edit]

You get Driver SF from the App Shop on your Smartphone.



Mission List[edit]

  • San Francisco
    • Daredevi! Liv!
    • Expantant Fathers
    • Gone Phishing
    • Liv Again
    • Scoutxpedition (DLC)
    • Lost in Translation
    • Get Back In The Game
    • Treasure Hunt
    • Haum's Dirty Laundry
    • Late Wedding
  • Oakland
    • A Hoopless-Situation
    • Just Making A Living
    • Payback
    • Every Day Is Friday
    • Fragile Cargo
  • Silicon Valley
    • Johnny 5 Where R U?
    • Paradroid
    • Auto-Nomous!


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • There are 18 different Driver SF missions.
    • 10 Driver SF missions take place in San Francisco
    • 5 Driver SF missions are in Oakland
    • 3 Driver SF missions in Silicon Valley
  • You get rated from 1-5 stars on each mission, based on your performance.
  • You can replay any mission to try and increase your ratings.


  • "Driver SF" is based on real-life ridesharing apps such as Uber and Lyft.
  • The app's name is a reference to Ubisoft's game "Driver: San Francisco" from 2011.

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