As the story of his adventure advances, so does Geralt. He will learn new abilities, upgrade those he already has, and raise his statistics.


Geralt will receive experience points for defeating enemies and for completing quests. After he gets enough experience points, his character level increases. This increases vitality and gives you a talent point which you can use to develop abilities. The maximum character level is 35.


Abilities are the most important part of character advancement. They allow you to raise your statistics and to learn new skills. To develop an ability, you must have talent points available and enter meditation. After choosing the “Character” option, you will see an ability tree divided into four parts: training, swordsmanship, alchemy and magic – these are the development paths that determine your focus in combat. Almost all abilities have their prerequisites, as reflected by the net of connections between them – you cannot get an ability if you do not have the prerequisite one. Two levels of each ability are available.

Development paths[edit]

You can develop the paths independently of each other, but it is worth noting that the most powerful abilities are at the end of each tree, so you should spend your talents wisely. You cannot un-learn an ability you have learned; once you have made your choice, you have to live with it.

===Training=== the primary development path. To begin another path, you must spend at least six talents on the talent path abilities.


if you decide to develop this path, Geralt will be better at swordplay. He will deal more damage, suffer less from blocks and have a better chance of causing critical effects on his enemies. This path allows you to learn how to counter enemy blows and execute group finishers. This development path is for the gamers who prefer simple gameplay, focus on strength and head-on combat.


developing this path means you will focus on using potions, oils and bombs. Geralt will become an expert in preparing mixtures. The duration of their effectivenes will increase, and while it lasts, Geralt will deal more damage and regenerate more quickly. This path allows you to learn the berserk mode and to create mutagens as side effects of preparing mixtures. This development path is for gamers who prefer to rack their heads a bit.


this path allows you to upgrade the Signs you know, which will strengthen their effects, increase the damage they deal and add new traits to them – like incinerating opponents with the Igni Sign or reflecting damage with the Quen Sign. This path allows you to learn the impressive Heliotrope Sign, which warps space and time. This development path is for gamers who prefer the gameplay to be balanced between direct and ranged combat.

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