During the game, you will find a lot of items that you can put into your traveling bag – to use or sell later. The inventory panel displays items sorted into groups: swords, ranged weapons, armors, upgrades, potions, traps, bombs, books, mutagens, alchemical ingredients, crafting components and quest items. Geralt’s traveling bag is visible to the left, and his current equipment to the right. You can move items by dragging them between the traveling bag and the equipment worn. In the panel’s upper section you can see the orens you own, as well as the total weight of carried items. When it exceeds a total of 200 , Geralt will be overloaded and won’t be able to run, drastically reducing his combat capabilities.

Sword and armor upgrades[edit]

In time, you will find armor and sword upgrades, allowing you to improve the qualities of these items. You can only upgrade those items that contain slots for runes and enhancements. When you own such a sword or armor and an upgrade, enter the equipment panel and drag the upgrade in question to a chosen item – it will be upgraded. You cannot undo an upgrade.

Crafting items[edit]

In the game, you can do more than just create mixtures based on available formulae. You can also craft items based on found or bought diagrams. Unfortunately Geralt doesn’t know how to forge sword or make gauntlets, so to craft an item he must go to a qualified craftsman. Said craftsman must be provided with crafting components – such as wood, leather or twine - and he’ll use a diagram to craft an item.

When you find a craftsman and pick an appropriate dialogue option, you will see the item creation panel. The diagrams you own will be visible to the right, and crafting components will be visible to the left. After picking a diagram, the order and amount of crafting components necessary to craft the item will appear at the center. You can fill the list manually, clicking specific components on the list to the right, or automatically. After filling the list, you can craft the item, which will be added to the inventory.