These are the key bindings for XCOM Enemy Unknown

You can change the default bindings by going to options -> Interface -> Edit Keyboard Bindings

Menu Shortcuts[edit]

Confirm: Enter / Spacebar

Cancel: Escape / Right Mouse Button

Navigate Up: Up Arrow / W

Navigate Down: Down Arrow / S

Navigate Left: Left Arrow / A

Navigate Right: Right Arrow / D

Tactical Shortcuts[edit]

Open HUD/Confirm Action: Enter / Spacebar

Cancel/Pause: Escape

Move Unit to Cursor: Right Mouse Button

Interact With Objects: V

Swap Weapon: X

End Turn: Backspace / End

More Info: F1

Center Camera on Active Unit: Home

Camera Move Up: W

Camera Move Down: S

Camera Move Left: A

Camera Move Right: D

Camera Rotate Left: Q

Camera Rotate Right: E

Camera Zoom In: T

Camera Zoom Out: G

Camera Free Zoom: Middle Mouse Button

Toggle Zoom Level: Z

Ascend Floor: Mouse Scroll Up / F

Descend Floor: Mouse Scroll Down /C

Next Unit/Target: Tab / Thumb Mouse Button

Previous Unit/Target: Left Shift / Thumb Mouse Button 2

Overwatch: Y

Reload: R

Hunker Down: B

Ability 1-10: 1-0

Target 1-10: F2-F11

Quick Save: F12

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