Bribe Newspaper Vendors in Boston to find out who is Slandering the Dr. Completing this Homestead Mission will level up your Doctor.

Slander is a Homestead Mission (Doctor) in Assassin's Creed III


Dr. Lyle White

Artisan Type


Unlocks Artisan Level

Level 2

Unlock Message

Lyle can now craft higher quality medicines and poisons


Davenport Homestead Infirmary

Davenport Homestead - Lyle's House

Sequence Available

Sequence 9

Starting Location

Lyle's House (See the map below for help on finding Dr. Lyle)

How to Start Homestead Doctor Mission

Talk to Lyle




Follow Dr. White

Meet Dr. White's Courier in Boston

Bribe the newspaper vendor.

Bribe the next newspaper vendor

Use Eagle Vision to find the Overseer

Beat-up or pickpocket the Overseer


After talking to Dr. White, fast travel to Boston and go to the very south part of the city. Talk to the Courier and then use your Eagle Vision to identify newspaper vendors to bribe in the area. You will have to bribe four newspaper vendors. Then use your Eagle Vision to locate the Overseer. You can then either beatup or pick-pocket him, it's up to you. Mission completes once you have done this.


Connor: What do you think of our little plot of land, dr?

Lyle: It's quite beautiful. I'm grateful you found me. But to be truthful, people outside our community still avoid me like the bloody plague. Then a courier delivered this to me. Before you found me, the British demanded had demanded I not treat patriots nor their supporters. I refused. So they set out to destroy my business. This tells me their smear campaign is very much still in effect. If things don't change, I may be forced to leave

Connor: We need you here. I will do what I can to ending the defamation

Lyle: You might start by finding the Dr. White's Courier who brought this to me. He works out of Boston