Borderlands 2: Collect crumpets in Docks of Little Importance

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The surviving Crumpets in The Unassuming Docks.

"Collect crumpets in DFocks of Little Importance" is an objective in the sidequest Post-Crumpocalyptic in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC


In Unassuming Docks of Potentially Little Importance you will see there are 3 plates of crumpets to collect.

Crumpet 1[edit]

This first crumpets are found in The Hamlet. Head straight west from the entrance to Flamerock Refuge. Get up to the house then turn to the North and jump down onto the house in front of you. Head over to the balcony to claim the crumpets.


Crumpet 2[edit]

This second plate of crumpets are to the Northeast of the first. head toward the wall the borders the Western side of Hamlet of Swift Passing Through and turn to the right to the pier there. Head across to the end of it to collect the second plate of crumpets.


Crumpet 3[edit]

The third plate of crumpets are found in The Forlorn Ruins. Head to the Northeast from the second plate of Crumpets you collected, favoring the east until you find the shoreline to follow. When you get to the ruins, look where the pillars are in the water. You will find the third plate there.