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[[Borderlands 2: Plan B|Plan B]]
[[Borderlands 2: Plan B|Plan B]]
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You perform surgery on a Hyperion Soldier to extract this Eridium Shard in Borderlands 2

Do No Harm is a side mission in Borderlands 2

NPC Quest Giver[edit]

Dr. Zed


Plan B


Dr. Zed's Meds (Sanctuary)


Perform Surgery

Pick up Eridium Shard.

Talk to Tannis

Turn in: Tannis


Zed needs 20 cc's of badassery, STAT!

Level 8

Side Mission

Optional Mission



5395 XP

(Can be higher/lower reward, depending on your level)


Progress Updates[edit]

"Hey! Roland's boys caught this Hyperion jerkbag tryin' to sneak into the city. Looks like they messed up his lungs. dude needs surgery bad. Get over here, you're gonna be operating."

"Alright: Make a small incision just below his sternum, but be careful - we don't want to nick the coronary artery"

"Close Enough"

"An Eridium Shard? For--- HOW many times I tell you idiots? You can't get slag powers by swallowin' this stuff. (Sighing). That shard ain't no good in the Black Market - it isn't refined yet. You could probably take it to that Tannis lady on the other side of town. She's real into Eridium stuff when she ain't acting all hoity toity cause she got a "real" doctorate. Oh, and lemme know if you're looking for work - I got stuff needs doin'"

Mission Briefing[edit]

Dr. Zed's patient needs surgery hardly, and Dr. Zed has asked you to help him with the procedure.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

You found an Eridium Shard! Perhaps Patricia Tannis, a socially maladjusted Archaeologist , may have a use for this item.


Just perform the surgery then take the shard to Tannis in Crimson Raiders HQ

Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

You cannot use the Eridium Shard from this mission in the Black Market.