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==Infinity Drop Rate==
==Infinity Drop Rate==
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Fuck you in the ass
==Tips for Farming Infinity==
==Tips for Farming Infinity==

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Dr. Mercy in Borderlands 2

Doc Mercy (Dr. Mercy) is a boss enemy in Borderlands 2.

He has a very big shield with a red medical cross symbol on it.


Dr. Mercy is the rival to Dr. Zed. Unlike Zed, Dr. Mercy actually has a medical license.

Dr. Mercy conducts experiments on human subjects for his E-Tech research.


Dr. Mercy's Lair


Medical Mystery


use a fire weapon like the hellfire to take him out since his shields are thin

Doc Mercy Orange Drop

Rapid Infinity (Legendary Pistol)

Infinity Drop Rate

Fuck you in the ass

Tips for Farming Infinity

To farm Doc Mercy, there is a shortcut behind the cave where he lives in. Just stand on one of the Geysers behind his lair and it will cause you to fly in the air and you can land right in front of him.