Find stabber jabber nests

"Find stabber jabber nests" is an objective in the quest The Hunger Pangs in The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler DLC


Head to the Southwest corner of the kitchen and drop down the hole in the floor there. Continue to the Southwest to find another locked door that Mr Torgue will open for you with the same method: EXPLOSIONS! Head outside to the Explodin' Loadin' Docks. Once you leave the concrete and hit the the dirt you have an interlude: 2 more Tributes to kill.

After they've been dealt with the Tributes head to the South. Torgue will blow open another door for you. Beyond it you will find the Stabber Jabber nests you are looking for. Torgue will mention now to make sure you have a Slag-type weapon. Go on up the hill there to get at the nests.