Borderlands 2: Find the Moonshot Cannon - Shooting The Moon

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Find the Moonshot Cannon is an objective in Borderlands 2 (Borderlands2).

Find the Moonshot Cannon is an objective in the Story Mission, Shooting The Moon in Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith and the Fight For Sanctuary


  • Head forward into the Hellion Hole and start fighting your way over to the South.
  • Expect to encounter Infected Bruisers, Sprouts, Badass Sprouts, Infected Goliath.
  • Take the ramp to the South above the junk pile upward to move out of the first section of this area.
  • Take the ramp to the West and into the next area.
  • New Pandora Soldier will be found around here.
  • You will encounter New Pandora Infectologist, Medics, Sniper, and with the odd Tendrils from the walls.
  • Make your way up the ramps to the West.
  • From the heights, you can see the next passage to the South of these buildings.
  • Head along this path to reach the Freightway.
  • Continue to the South into the next section of the Helios Station remains.
  • In the Freightway, head to either the East or West to continue to the South.
  • Be wary of the New Pandora Recruits, Scouts, and Pyros.
  • In the back, you will see 2 exposed elevator shafts.
  • Go to the Eastern one and interact with the button inside to move upwards into the next section.
  • At the top of the elevator ride, head to the South, through the corridor in front of you.
  • Follow it to the East and go into the observation room in front of you.
  • This is Loader Bay #24.
  • Turn to the South and follow the corridor to the East from there into the loading bay itself.
  • Here, you will need to |Clear the robot factory to move forward.
  • With the Robots destroyed, head to the Northern section of Loader Bay #24 and look for the opening door in the middle of the wall.
  • Defeat the New Pandora Snipers, and Medic in this room and then continue to the North.
  • Going to the North will lead you into the Moonshot Complaint Department.
  • Run past the Clap-Trap in the display case and into the hallway to the North, turning to the East.
  • Be wary that there can be a Hacked JNK Loader between the display case and the hallway you are headed toward.
  • Follow this hallway to the East, past the Vending Machines into the Moonshot Control Room itself, Munitions Loading, where Lilith and Tiny Tina will appear.